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Why Your HR Team Needs ProForma for JIRA

by Jenny Choban on May 22, 2017

Reclaim Your Intellectual Capital!


Every one of your business teams is staffed by highly knowledgeable professionals who were selected for their skill and expertise. But are they able to put that expertise to use or are they bogged down digging through their email inbox and doing repeated tasks that feel like reinventing the wheel every time? If you’re not empowering your teams with service management software, then your not letting them live up to their potential. Every minute that’s wasted on outdated, inefficient systems is a waste of their expertise and the intellectual capital your organization invested in.

Let’s consider what ProForma for JIRA can do for one of the most specialized teams in your organization – Human Resources. Here we see how a routine HR process, an employee performance appraisal, can be carried out using JIRA:

Conducting these processes in JIRA gives your organization, and especially your HR team all the benefits of a service desk model, including:

  • Efficiency – HR manages a massive volume of requests and from both leadership and individual employees. In fact, HR teams process from 10 to 60 documents when onboarding one new employee and each existing employee costs your organization an average $1,900 annually in HR administration. How much more efficient could your HR team be if they had a system like JIRA Service Desk (JSD) to manage their requests?
  • Enhanced Confidentiality – Handling HR processes electronically reduces the risk of a confidentiality breach. There are no forms containing personal information sitting around in a printer tray. ProForma can even be integrated with HelloSign allowing you to add legally-binding, electronic signatures to forms.
  • Real-time Status Updates – Many of the processes which are routine fare for HR are absolutely critical, and often very personal, for the employee making the request. Likewise team leaders throughout the organization depend on HR to manage tasks (especially tasks related to hiring) in order to keep their teams functioning. ProForma allows these internal customers to check in on the status of their requests at any moment, lowering stress (and reducing phone calls) for both the customer and the HR team.
  • Compliance- Your HR team also plays an important role in risk management for your organization. At any moment they need to be able to demonstrate compliance with safety rules, labor laws, Equal Opportunity Employment regulations and your own internal policies. JIRA’s issue tracking ensures that there is a clear record of what was done, when and by whom. Your HR team will rest easier knowing that JIRA has their back.
  • Measuring, Analyzing & Improving – Those same JSD audit functions mean that your HR team can easily measure how often a specific task is requested and how much time is typically needed to carry out that task. Armed with this information, team leaders will be empowered to refine their processes and allocate their resources to maximum efficiency.

The ProForma library includes dozens of templates for common HR processes. However, in case your HR doesn’t find what they need, we have a special offer. Simply send the details of one of your HR processes (including the associated forms) to and we’ll convert it into a ProForma template, free of charge and with no obligation. Your HR team is working hard on behalf of all your employees. Why not do something today to make their work easier?