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Form Design

Why Using a Template is a Good Start

by Jenny Choban on November 3, 2016

Time to make new forms.  Why not just start from scratch? After all, nothing offers more freedom than starting from zero. So why use a template?


The Fear Factor

The main reason to start from a template is because it’s easier. While few things offer as much possibility as a blank slate, it’s also true that few things are as intimidating. Starting with a template means you don’t have to ponder where to begin or what to include. A template gives you a model – what to include, what they layout could be, how things can be automated.

Of course, your processes may be enshrined in paper forms. Even if you’re converting from paper to electronic, you will still save yourself a lot of work if you begin with a template. Simply put, a template does a lot of the work for you. The required elements are all there. The basic functionality accommodated by automation f is already built-in.



Selecting from an existing family of templates also means that all of your forms will inherit a consistent look and feel. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes things easier for users (resulting in time and financial savings). They will know what to expect, what the navigation patterns are and what the terms mean. Adapting to your new processes will be easy, as users will feel that they are already familiar with the system.


Built-in Expertise 

Automation means forms can do more than they ever have before. The can serve not only as portals for delivering information; they can actually drive your businesses processes. Given that power, it’s even more important to get those processes right.

That’s why ProForma templates have been built by a collaboration of tech developers and expert consultants in various business disciplines. This means that the identified best practices in the most common business categories (finance, HR, operations, etc.) are already built into the system. Beginning with ProForma templates means you’re not only starting out a step ahead. You’re starting out a cut above.

ProForma templates have been carefully designed with accuracy, elegance, and flexibility in mind. We understand that you’ll want to customize your forms to reflect the processes that work best for you. Starting with a ProForma templates mean you can begin knowing that you are already 80% of the way there in terms of developing simple, automated solutions for your business processes.