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HR Use Case: New Employee Orientation / Induction

by Simon Herd on February 12, 2019

Team: HR

Each business area needs to coordinate an effective orientation process for new hires.  HR has an oversight role to ensure consistency with orientation procedures.   New Hires who have been well managed upon joining a company tend to perform better and be more satisfied with their new work environment.  In this example, the HR orientation can take 3 weeks to complete.


Typical Request Life Cycle:

  1. A staff member submits the Employee orientation form prior to the a new employee commencing work.HRWorkFlow

  2. The request and form are sent to the relevant manager for approval, if it is Approved the status changes to IN PROGRESS.

  3. Two forms are automatically added to the request, and set to EXTERNAL so that they are visible on JSD portal

    Week 1 - New Employee orientation
    Week 3 - New Employee orientation

  4. Key HR staff are notified when request reaches IN PROGRESS.  The HR team reviews the request and adds the new employee as a participant to the REQUEST, so they can access the request.

  5. The new employee commences work.  They access the portal and complete the checklists as required.  

  6. When both forms are completed and submitted, the request status changes to FINAL REVIEW. A notification is also sent to HR complete the sign off. 

  7. The HR team accesses the requests, reviews all work and completes HR Orientation Sign Off form.   

  8. When the HR Orientation Sign Off form is submitted, the request changes to RESOLVED.  If the HR form is not submitted, the request cannot be resolved. 

  9. The orientation process is now complete. 

Unique Features

  • Reopening forms
    The Agent has the ability to re - open the original request and allow the staff member or the employee to edit the request at any time.
  • External forms
    Being able to add multiple forms to an issue and make them visible on the portal allows for multi-stage process, or the staggered collection of information 

Forms used:

  • Employee orientation – prior to commencement
  • Week 1 - New Employee orientation
  • Week 3 - New Employee orientation
  • HR Orientation Sign Off 


  • Jira Service Desk (using JSD Portal)

Key Actions

  1. Set up ProForma automation on the Week 1 and Week 3 forms so that they are automatically added to the request when the status changes to  IN PROGRESS. Set these forms to be external and accessible on the portal by default.

  2. Set up ProForma automation to transition to FINAL REVIEW upon submission of the Week 3 Orientation form.   

  3. Set up ProForma automation on the HR Orientation Sign Off form to automatically transition to RESOLVED on form submit.

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