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Keeping Track of it All: Jira for Asset Management

Posted January 2, 2018 By Jenny Choban

We’ve talked about what a great tool Jira can be for helping your employees get the right stuff, but what about once they have it. You still have to keep track of what’s in your...

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And the Best Tool for Managing Jira is…Jira!

Posted December 6, 2017 By Jenny Choban

Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but Jira is complex. There are a lot of parts to manage. In order to keep everyone who uses your Jira application happy you need a way to receive...

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System, Application & Project Admins: Who Does What in Jira?

Posted November 27, 2017 By Rachel Wright

 Guest post from Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook.

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Who’s in Charge? Jira Governance for Business Teams

Posted November 23, 2017 By Jenny Choban

Getting off to the right start is always the best way to go. It’s not always reality. We usually inherit things- business processes, Jira applications, our parents’ bad habits,...

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Teaming Up for Business Teams

Posted November 22, 2017 By Rachel Wright

The beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Jira began as a tool for software teams but has evolved into a tool for any team! Business teams can benefit from Jira’s task collection,...