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Five JIRA Templates for your HR Team

by Jenny Choban on November 24, 2016

HR sits at the very center of your organization. Their roles extends from advising leadership on how to attract talent and mitigate risks to assisting individual employees at all levels of the organization in managing things like medical leave.


As such, HR needs and deserves the best support you can give them. They probably have sophisticated software for the core tasks of tracking employee work hours and benefits. But what about all of those other tasks your HR team does? How much time do your HR professionals spend digging through an overflowing inbox trying to find an employees leave request? Or reminding supervisors that they never completed their employee performance reviews? HR merits a high-functioning service management system.

JIRA Service Desk has proven to be just such a system and now ThinkTilt has created ProForma, a library of forms and templates to empower all of your business teams with the functionality of JIRA Service Desk.

The ProForma library includes a suite of process templates designed to empower your HR team. These templates include:

Employee leave request

This template allows HR to manage and respond to employee’s requests for paid leave. This process records allows the employee to lodge their request, seeks Supervisor approval and then passes the approved request onto HR so that the information can be logged into the payroll system. You can customize the forms as needed to include further details such as the type of leave to be taken.

Employee performance review

Regular performance reviews enhance professional development and justify merit-based pay adjustments. This templates includes input from the employee, assessment and feedback from their Supervisor, followed by an employee acknowledgement form (including the option for the employee to disagree with the assessment). You can add additional fields for organization or position specific questions, goals or priorities.

Advertise a job opening

This template allows HR to manage and respond to requests to advertise job openings, ensuring that advertising is done in compliance with the organization's policy and that HR has a chance to review the advertisement before it's placed. The Supervisor wishing to hire completes a form which details the position, the places where the advertisement should be posted, the anticipated time frame, and the anticipated cost. HR then has the opportunity to review the information, add additional fields such as non-discriminatory clauses or organization specific information and approve the advertisement.

Training compliance

A trainer completes an online form which records a list of employees who participated in a training session. The can be customized to include whatever information is needed, such as the material covered, legal compliance terms, etc. The next step allows HR to verify that the details are fully completed for safety and compliance requirements. This creates documentation for ongoing education and compliance monitoring.

Disclosure of known medical condition

This template allows an employee to confidentially disclose a known medical condition with the intention that the information can be used in a response plan in the event of an emergency. You can customize the form to include additional information specific to your emergency planning procedures.

These are just of few examples from ThinkTilt’s library of over 100 ProForma templates, including dozens that are designed to streamline service management for your HR team. All ProForma templates can be easily customized, and you have the security of knowing that all the data associated with a request is stored in your JIRA instance. Try ProForma for free to learn more about what it can do for your HR team.