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Five ProForma Marketing & Business Templates for JIRA to Empower your Team

by Jenny Choban on January 10, 2017




Your Marketing team drives your brand. They are responsible for ensuring that the messaging from throughout your organization is consistent and convincing. However, like other busy business teams, Marketing can be overwhelmed by random requests that come in by phone and email. Small process can get lost or sit stale in an inbox as the team wrestles with continual deadlines. Even worse, there is a risk that internal customers will bypass Marketing and create content that is inconsistent with your message and that dilutes your brand.

ProForma templates for JIRA Service Desk offers Marketing a solution for handling requests, automating repeated process and systemizing internal procedures. Along with greatly increasing efficiency, using JSD will allow your Marketing team to measure the type, volume and frequency of specific requests. This will allow them to plan for the demand and allocate resources accordingly.

Some of the templates included in the ProForma library include:

Content creation request 

This template process allows Marketing to manage and respond to requests for the creation of new content or materials. Any business team can use the customer portal to place a request for an item such as a marketing brochures, newsletter, etc. Marketing now has all the information they need to fulfill these requests in a systematic way.

Media call brief

This process template empowers Marketing to develop a media call brief to inform all stakeholders attending the call how the proceedings will take place. It includes details such as the time and location and can be customized to include additional event information, context and questions as needed. This ensures that everyone on the call is “on message”.

Event Run Sheet

This template serves as an event run sheet to track preparations and ensure marketing events run smoothly. Use it to coordinate event preparations and document activities.

Advertising requisition

Manage and respond to requests for the purchase of promotional advertising. This streamlined process for purchasing advertising makes it easy for business teams to engage with Marketing when buying an advertisement. Now Marketing can easily oversee the process to ensure consistency across the organization. The template includes all necessary details and can be easily customized to include further information such as lead times, costs and any other organization specific requirements.

Marketing Creative Brief

Use this template to develop a creative marketing brief in order to collaborate with a Creative Agency on a new campaign. The template captures key aims and objectives in order to provide direction to the Agency. Content can be edited multiple times based on feedback from the Agency. The brief is then authorized by the Marketing supervisor and can be executed by the Creative Agency.

These are just of few examples from ThinkTilt’s library of over 100 ProForma templates, including a suite of templates designed to handle common processes and service management for marketing teams. All ProForma templates were designed with the input of business area experts.  Each template can be easily customized and you have the security of knowing that all the data associated with a request is stored in your JIRA instance. To see other ProForma marketing templates for JIRA, please visit