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Complete, flexible, standardized data collection in Jira Core

by Jenny Choban on March 12, 2018

Simplify Jira Administration

ProForma, the Jira add-on that makes it easy to create forms embedded in Jira issues, is an ideal way to make issues more organized and projects more standardized. It also makes life easier for Jira administrators.


When a field is included on a ProForma form, that means you don’t have to create a Jira custom field for that data point. Therefore, adding forms to Jira means:

Fewer issue types: Issue types become more flexible because unique collection of fields, particular to a specific project or process can be added to any issue.

Fewer custom fields: As acknowledged by Atlassian, the number of custom fields is the most important factor that can negatively impact the performance of your Jira instance. Along with slowing Jira down, custom fields create extra headaches (in the form of new screens, schema and complex configurations) for Jira administrators. Fields on a ProForma form will neither impact Jira’s performance nor require special configurations. In fact, there’s no reason you can’t safely delegate team members with Administer Project permissions to build the forms they need themselves.

Standardize and Organize Data Collection in Jira

Your organization may require that all new or proposed projects include certain elements. Perhaps an estimated budget is required at the time of project proposal. Or maybe every product team needs to put together a launch plan in collaboration with Marketing. ProForma makes it easy to standardize how that information is collected on Jira issues. 

Adding forms also makes it easy to be thorough. Budgets are complex. Marketing needs a comprehensive understanding of the product they’re going to be expected to promote. With ProForma, you can add an unlimited amount of question fields, informational / instructional text, or images to a form. If you’ll need to query or report on a data point in the future, you can set form field data to pipe to a Jira field.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Find the Information You Want on Jira Issues

Jira, particularly Jira Software, is complex. Adding hordes of extra fields to collect all that thorough and comprehensive information means you risk making Jira seem more complicated (especially for new users). ProForma lets you have the data without cluttering up the issue.

Forms appear as an organized collection of fields on the issue. A form on an issue can be opened for viewing, or closed when you don’t need to see that data. Data can be organized into logical groups (budget and marketing in our previous example) rather than scattered across the screen.


Template Forms for Jira

While simple, there’s no denying that building forms takes time. That’s why we wanted to give you and your teams a head start. ProForma includes a library of form templates that have been developed for teams across your organization (business teams like Finance, HR, and Marketing, as well as Project teams). These templates were purpose-built in consultation with industry experts. Any ProForma form can be easily modified to align with the requirements of your organization. 

These forms can go a long way in convincing business teams to convert to Jira Core. Teams will find it easier to understand how Jira could work for them if they can see one of their business processes already built into Jira. And of course, when they are ready to make the move, those pre-built forms will make the conversion faster and easier.