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Self-service for HR with ProForma and JIRA Service Desk

by Jenny Choban on June 12, 2017

You know the power of JIRA. You probably know how much you’ve learned (and how many problems you’ve been able to solve for yourself) from your organization’s Confluence knowledge base. By extending the functionality of JIRA to all of your business teams, ProForma puts this potent combination in every team’s toolbox.


Better Self-Service = Better Service

Self-service is good for everyone. When people can solve their own problems they feel empowered. When they do things for themselves, they remember how they did it, which is to say, they learn. When they have a solution at their fingertips, they can execute that solution at the most convenient time.

Self-service is also good for your organization. When employees are able to help themselves, they create fewer requests for your specialists. This allows your specialized teams (HR, Legal, IT, etc.) to focus on more complex tasks and use the expertise they were hired for.  It’s a win for everyone.

Self-service for HR

Your HR team holds a lot of specialized knowledge and a lot of responsibility. Yet a lot of their time can be taken up handling simple, standard requests.

Let’s look at an example – Jane, a recently hired employee has suddenly lost a loved one and needs to be absent to attend a funeral. She does not know if her new employer offers bereavement leave, and if not, whether employees are allowed to use sick leave for that purpose. Someone knows the answer to that question. Jane's supervisor might know, but might not be available to answer. HR knows, but wouldn't it be nice if Jane find out for herself without bothering HR?

ProForma puts the powerful combination of JIRA Service Desk and Confluence at your fingertips. The policies included in your Employee Handbook can be posted in Confluence (where they are easy to update), so any employee can easily access them. Now Jane can read the policy that says sick time can be used to attend a funeral. She can then click over to the customer portal to fill out a leave request. In minutes, Jane has found the information she needed and submitted her request. She now knows the policy and has initiated a process that will notify both her supervisor and HR of the situation. And she did it with out making any phone calls that interrupt people's work, or sending an email that will sit in an overcrowded inbox.

Building Your Knowledge Base

Of course, a self-service system is only as good as the knowledge base it stands on. One of JIRA’s key features is its easy integration with Confluence. This integration makes it simple for employees to search for their own solutions from the customer portal.  It also makes it easy for your teams to share their knowledge.

Confluence means that your HR team can post articles for Supervisors on the best practices for managing employees. They can use JIRA’s issue tracking to identify the most common requests and can provide instructions for completing those processes correctly and perhaps independently. In fact, your Confluence knowledge base can serve as a living document that holds the most up to date thinking on how your organization manages it’s most important resource- its employees.

The powerful combination of service management through JSD and Confluence has been available to IT departments for a long time. ProForma is proud to extend that functionality to HR. Check out our suite of HR process templates to see what we can do for your organization’s HR team.