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Jira Service Desk Use Cases

'Tis the Season... for ProForma and Jira Service Desk

by Jenny Choban on December 13, 2019


Learn why Santa needs Jira Service Desk


The Santa Scenario

Scenario:  Making deliveries all over the world in one night requires efficiency and organization. That's why Santa uses ProForma and Jira Service Desk.

ProForma for Jira


Santa's request life cycle

Typical Request Life Cycle:

  1. The customer, a digitally savvy child or one of Santa's Big Helpers (parents), goes to the Santa Land Portal and selects the Letter to Santa request type.

    ProForma for Jira

  2. The child/helper fills out the forms and clicks submit. The request changes to the CHECKING THE LIST status.
  3. Santa checks the list. 

  4. To maximize efficiency, Santa checks the list again! This ensures that elves won't waste time working on orders that will later be canceled – important when you have a big deadline to meet.

    ProForma for Jira

  5. Seeing that the customer has been nice, Santa approves the request, and the issue is changed to the WORK COMMENCED status. 

  6. When the issue reaches the WORK COMMENCED status an Acknowledgement Letter, which congratulates the child on having been nice and lets them know that their gift is being prepared, is automatically added to the issue and set to external so it can be seen on the customer portal.

    ProForma for Jira

  7. The elves get to work. When the toy is ready, they move the issue to the WAIT FOR XMAS EVE status.  

  8. On Christmas Eve, the elves load up the sled and Santa makes the deliveries.

  9. When Santa returns to the North Pole, the Jira Admin Elf bulk changes issues to the DELIVERED status.

  10. On reaching the DELIVERED status, a Customer Satisfaction Survey is automatically added to the request and set to external so it can be viewed and completed on the customer portal.

    ProForma for Jira

Here's how we did it

Unique Features

  • ProForma is great for creating documents as well as forms. Using a linked Jira field allows Santa to send each customer a personalized Acknowledgement Letter. 

Forms used:

  • Letter to Santa
  • Acknowledgement Letter 
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey


  • Jira Service Desk (using JSD Portal)