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Retrospective and Roadmap: Q2 2018

by Simon Herd on May 7, 2018
Ack! Time got away from us. We were so busy building, we almost missed the fact that one quarter had ended and another had begun. Here then, is our slightly late, quarterly update.



The last quarter has been a hive of activity, but like most hives there is a lot more going on inside than can be observed from the outside. We committed to an effective rewrite of the ProForma system to be able to run ProForma on Jira Server, without requiring a docker server. We have also taken the opportunity to rework our user interface so that it runs on React and uses Atlassian's new AtlasKit design styles. React is a beautiful, complex thing, but the biggest benefit is an incredible fast UI.

So what did we do well last quarter:

  • Goodbye docker - We heard how limiting or frustrating it was to use Docker in order run ProForma on Jira Server, so now we can say goodbye Docker. ProForma 4.0, released on May 2nd, runs natively within Jira Server. Our release was later than we had intended, but we believe it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Rebuild of the backend It isn't readily apparent, but we have effectively rebuilt the backend of ProForma so that our Cloud and Server versions run on the same codebase. A rebuild is never fun and there is almost nothing to show for it, because the first aim of a rebuild is to get you back to the same place you were at before you started. However, it gives us a stable platform to grow on, will make future feature development simpler, and future releases faster. It also helps ensure we maintain parity between our Server and Cloud products.
  • React UI - In rebuilding our Server version we also had to rebuild the UI, as the old approach of sharing the cloud UI through the Docker server simply wasn't an option going forward. Following Atlassian's lead, we embraced the new AtlasKit user interface library and reworked both our Cloud and Server products to use this new library. It was a big task, but it means we have a very fast application.
  • Team Tour Sydney We enjoyed the day overlooking Darling Harbour and talking to teams from the Atlassian Community. We were, as always, impressed with the tools and ideas and will be bringing them back to incorporate into our own team.
  • New website - Another win was the relaunch of our website. We think it's a big improvement and we'd love to hear your thoughts.
  • Growing the team - We have brought on a new team member, Murray Smart to lead the React development. Like the rebuild we just completed, expanding our team will help us expedite future releases.


Now that we have such an improved foundation for building and releasing, we're planning on some quick wins in the upcoming months.

  • Cloud Launch - ProForma 4.0
    The new cloud version of ProForma will be out in May or June. We are holding off on the release until we have some new features to bundle with the the new UI. At the moment the system does what it has always done, but much faster. We thought it better to hold off on release of the Cloud upgrade with the UI until we can sweeten the deal with a few new features.
  • Enhancing the Form Builder with Conditional Logic 
    Among those new features will be adding conditional logic to the form builder so you can enable/disable form questions or sections based on responses. We'll also make form building faster and easier by adding the ability to repeat questions and sections.
  • GDPR and analytics improvements
    GDPR comes into effect this quarter. We believe that we are broadly compliant; however, we are revisiting all of our policies and practices to ensure that we, and ProForma, comply with the new regulations.
  • App week surprises
    Sadly, we had to pass on the opportunity to attend App Week in Miami. We were simply too busy building to afford a week in the sun in March. Now however, we are heading to Portland in June. As always this is an intense five days of collaboration between app vendors and the Atlassian team. We can't wait to see what we can achieve during the week.

Thanks for following our quarterly updates. We're happy to have you with us as we grow and develop ProForma. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.