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Retrospective and Roadmap: Q4 2017

by Simon Herd on October 3, 2017

This is the latest in our quarterly updates on where ProForma and ThinkTilt are heading, and what we have managed to accomplish in the last three months. Our latest update is always available at



Summer came and went, but not without some exciting happenings for the ThinkTilt team. We're especially thrilled to announce the release of ProForma 2.0 will happen on Tuesday 10 October with some great new features liking validation and piping form data to Jira fields.

Some of our highlights from the last quarter.

  • Linking to Jira fields - We’re pleased to say that with 2.0 you can link fields in your forms to Jira fields. When the content of a field is changed in the form, it will also update the linked Jira field empowering teams to leverage JQL and Jira reports for managing and measuring their processes.
  • Validation
    Control your data using our newly implemented validation. Validation rules can be set for any form field allowing your teams to control the information they collect, enforce business rules and reduce time going back and forth to get the right data.
  • Template Library - The template library has been expanded with an array of new processes for IT, HR and Project Management.  We now have over 250 process templates available!
  • StatusPage - As part of our commitment to earning customer confidence, we’ve implemented a status page so you can check on the current status, uptime reports and any recent incidents for our primary components.
  • Atlassian Cloud Security Verification
    ProForma was also approved as part of Atlassian's Cloud Security program - a credential we will renew on an annual basis in order to identify and address any vulnerabilities.
  • Summit San Jose - Then we headed to San Jose to see what new things Atlassian has to offer and get reacquainted with other Atlassian partners. We discovered lots of potential for increasing functionality by integrating with other apps, and were impressed to see the ways that some big businesses are making the most out of Jira Service Desk.


The end of the year is coming soon, but we won’t say goodbye to 2017 without making a bit more progress. Our priorities for the upcoming months include:

  • Native server app
    ProForma is currently available for folks using Jira Server via a Docker integration. During the upcoming months we'll be developing a native server application to allow you to install ProForma directly, without Docker.
  • UI and form enhancements
    We'll be updating our UI to conform with Atlassian's ADG3 standards. We will also be adding additional functionality and question types to the form builder.
  • Export form responses
    A spreadsheet of all form responses will be available from the the ProForma Forms page, under Project Settings.
  • Create a PDF of ProForma forms
    ProForma will automatically create a PDF version of the form each time a form is submitted, making it easy for teams post, email or print forms in accordance with their processes.
  • More Templates
    Our template library is intended to make processes easier for you - including the process of bringing teams into and managing Jira. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Jira guru and author Rachel Wright to build some of  the expertly designed forms presented in her Jira Strategy Admin Workbook into ProForma. The next update of the library will also include selected templates from the Atlassian playbook starting with the team health monitors. And we'll continue to expand the processes available for business teams like IT and Marketing.

We’re happy to have you with us as we grow and develop ProForma. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any comments or suggestions.

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