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Retrospective and Roadmap: Q3 2019

by Simon Herd on July 10, 2019




Can you believe the year is half over? We’ve continued developing ProForma to meet your needs, and are particularly proud to say that ProForma is now available for Cloud, Server and Data Center.  Here’s the latest:


  • Form Automation
    We launched our new form automation just in time for Summit, then added support for adding forms to issues via JSD’s inbuilt automation (available for DC, Server and Cloud). To make an easy start, check out our new automation tutorials, which will take you step by step through setting up an automation rule.

  • ProForma for Jira Data Center 
    ProForma has been approved for Data Center. The data center version of ProForma has full feature parity and is available in the Atlassian Marketplace. 

  • Integration with Configuration Manager
    ProForma now supports Configuration Manager for Jira (version 6.3.4+), making it easy to migrate your form designs from one project to another, or from one Jira instance to another.  

  • Improved Spreadsheet Downloads
    We rewrote the spreadsheet download feature (available in the ProForma forms list page) from scratch and are now pleased to say that it supports projects of any size. We also added the option to download individual forms on an issue as an XLSX file. Access this option by showing the form on the issue and going to the ... drop down menu in the upper right corner of the form.

  • Use Cases: ProForma and Jira for different teams
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a guide tutorial showing Jira being used by different teams must be worth volumes. We published a series of use cases demonstrating how service teams can easily move their processes into Jira/JSD. We will continue to build out our library of use cases and tutorials. If there is a particular use case or example you are interest in, please let us know and we'll happily build it for you. 

  • Best of our Blog
    Along with sharing use cases to help you think of new ways to use ProForma and Jira, we also published a few articles about how organizations are using ProForma. See how a global oil and gas services company is using ProForma to reduce the need for custom fields, or how a law enforcement agency is using ProForma to bring legacy processes into Jira

  • Hitting the Road
    Members of the ProForma team hit the road (or sometimes the webinar) to share what we’ve learned about extending Jira to non-tech teams, to learn about your use cases, and to demonstrate the new features we’ll be launching this quarter. We traveled to Germany for the catworkx Midsummer Day and the K15t Solution Forum,  and presented to Atlassian User Groups in Indianapolis and Bangalore. If you have an upcoming event, or need a speaker for an AUG presentation, please let us know.


In this quarter, we'll be focused on helping you build better forms and publish them in more places. We'll also be beefing up our documentation, adding video tutorials and step-by-step, multi-lingual guides, all with the aim of helping you get more out of ProForma and Jira.

    • Multilingual Support 
      You'll be able to display validation messages in the language specified for a form. Currently this is limited to English (US / UK). However, we are excited about extending this to any language that our users need. Please contact us to discuss such translations.

    • Email and URL Question Type
      Email and URL question types will be available in the form builder. 

    • Pattern Matching (Regex) Validation
      You'll be able to enter Regex patterns as part of text field validation, allowing you to customize your forms to capture exactly the information you need, in the format you want. 

    • Form System Improvements
      After doing some stock-taking of our current form system we realized that we needed to rebuild the user interface in order to grow and iterate at the speed we want. his work is nearly complete and we expect to release Phase 1 of the 'new' form system in July. The new system contains all of ProForma’s current functionality and will also have the following features:
  • Data for Lookup Questions 
    Also coming soon, ProForma will support data lookup questions. 
    Some apps are dedicate solely to pulling in external data into Jira. We want to make this one ProForma’s many features. You'll be able to load live data from directories, spreadsheets, Riada, etc. as options on choice questions in your forms.  This feature has taken longer than anticipated to develop, but we're on the verge and hope to have it released by the end of July.

  • More Formatting Options in the Form Builder
    Reworking the form builder UI was part of a much bigger project to increase the functionality of the form builder. For Phase II, we'll be launching a new form builder with vastly more layout and design options. The new form builder will support rich text  formatting, columns and tables, and user lookup questions. You'll also be able to copy and paste sections within a form, or between two different forms. 

  • Form Publishing Options
    We haven't forgotten this feature, just like we haven't forgotten the ability to publish a ProForma form onto a Confluence page. In fact, we're combining the two requirements into one. This quarter we'll release new form publishing options which allow you to:

    • Link directly to a particular form; 

    • Copy an HTML snippet of the form that you can paste anywhere you want (for example on a Confluence page).

  • New Multi-lingual Tutorials & Improved Documentation
    We’re committed to making ProForma an awesome product for Jira users everywhere. Along with bringing multilingual support to the form builder, we'll also enhancing our documentation with a new suite of interactive tutorials to demonstrate key features of ProForma. These tutorials can be translated into a variety of different languages automatically, and can be viewed online or downloaded as PDFs to be shared internally. This should make getting your staff, or clients up to speed much easier. Please let us know which languages you need us to support.

  • Multi-Media Content

    Along with continuing to share use case ideas, we’ll be releasing a series of video tutorials designed to help users better understand the finer some of the finer points of using Jira, as well as how to make the most of ProForma features. Keep an eye on our youtube channel and let us know what you find helpful.

Ensure that ProForma continues to evolve in a way the works for you. Please reach out with use cases, feature suggestions and your language needs. We’d love to hear from you.