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Retrospective and Roadmap: Q3 2018

by Simon Herd on July 2, 2018

Rebuilding on a Solid Foundation

It's not always easy to admit you made a mistake, but admitting one's mistakes is an important part of learning from them.

We admit that our initial approach, using Docker to create Jira server version of ProForma, was a mistake. It made life to difficult for people who just wanted to explore what was possible with forms and Jira. We have now rebuilt the Server version of ProForma as a native Jira application. In doing so, we ended up rebuilding 80% of both our Cloud and Server app. This extensive rebuild was necessary to ensure that our Cloud and Server versions share an overlapping code base, rather than two separate apps that we would be difficult to maintain in parallel. With ProForma 4.0, we have a solid foundation to rapidly expand our functionality and to extend our product into Confluence and Data Center. 



  • ProForma 4.0 for Server
    We released 4.0 for server first, because we were eager to see a native Jira app available for our customers. 4.0 brought a new and faster UI based on Atlassian new design guidelines. Learn more.



  • Form builder functionality
    We continued working on adding more functionality to the form builder. This will be an ongoing priority for us as we add features like conditional logic, moveable questions, formatting options, etc. We know that better forms mean better data, so feel free to contact us with any features you'd like to see added to the from builder.


  • App week surprises
    Several members or our team traveled to sunny, rainy, beer-infused Portland for App Week, a semiannual event where Atlassian invites selected vendors to collaborate with their staff, as we work to design new apps for the Marketplace. It was a great opportunity to learn about what's on the horizon for Atlassian, to brainstorm with other vendors and to get started on our next product.


  • Growing the team
    Upon returning from App Week, we welcomed David Meiklejohn to the ThankTilt team. David will be working on the backend codebase to ensure we maintain feature parity in Cloud and Server.



We've got some exciting things on dock for the upcoming quarter, including development of ProForma for Confluence.

  • Cloud Launch - ProForma 4.0 (Server 4.5)
    The new cloud version of ProForma will be out in July. We've been holding back the release so that we can package it with some new features. Along with a sleek and speedy UI (based on AtlasKit, Atlassian's new design guidelines), ProForma Cloud 4.0 will include some much requested upgrades to the form builder including the ability to move sections/questions.


  • Internal / External Forms
    Soon you will have the ability to designate whether forms are for internal use only, or also available externally. The ability to include more external forms on an issue (in addition to the JSD portal form) makes it easy to gather detailed information that may not have been available to the customer when they originally created the request. External forms can also be displayed in Confluence (see below). Internal forms allow you to track your team’s processes without making that information visible to the customer or their colleagues.


  • Conditional Logic
    We are pleased to say that we are finishing off the initial release of Conditional Logic. In July, you will have the power to set sections of your forms as invisible or disabled based on the response to a previous question. This is one of the most requested features and we know that it will make ProForma forms more powerful and easier for end users. We'd love to hear your plans for using this functionality, so please let us know what you think.


  • ProForma Forms for Jira – in Confluence
    During App Week in Portland, we set out to create a prototype of our next product, ProForma: Jira Forms in Confluence. When it's complete, our new Confluence Macro will allow you to attach a form you created using ProForma for Jira, to a Confluence page. Users will be able to open and fill out the form within Confluence. When the form is submitted, it will automatically create a Jira issue with the ProForma form included.

    We are also looking at giving you the ability to edit the contents of existing forms within Confluence. If you have a use case around updating Jira issues, or creating Jira issues from Confluence, please let us know, so we can ensure we build the functionality you need.


  • Summit Barcelona
    Members of the ThinkTilt team will be traveling to Barcelona for Atlassian Summit in September. That's not far away. Register today, if you haven't already done so.


  • Useful content
    We'll continue to produce helpful articles about how you can reduce Jira administration, streamline processes and help more teams convert to Jira. This quarter we'll be focusing on best practice form design to ensure high quality data, useful workflows for business teams, and HR and Marketing use cases. We are also happy to produce articles for you. Contact us if you'd like us to draft a post for your site.


Thanks for following our quarterly updates. We're happy to have you with us as we grow and develop ProForma. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.