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Retrospective and Roadmap: Q3 2017

by Simon Herd on July 3, 2017

It’s a new quarter, so what better time for stock-taking. We wanted to share some of the highlights from the last quarter, as well as the items we've prioritized for the months to come.



The last quarter brought a lot of exciting changes for ProForma and the team at ThinkTilt:

  • ProForma v 1.1.21 - We released a new version of ProForma with a revamped user interface and individual form templates to make it faster and easier for your teams to create the forms they need.
  • Automated testing - In order to ensure that our user interface is always functioning, regardless of changes out there in the Cloud, we implemented ongoing, automated testing with Ghost Inspector. Our tests run four times per day and we review the recorded sessions to make sure everything's going smoothly.
  • Expansion of the Template Library - We added dozens of new process templates to our library. We know  the value of well thought out process and well built form. We wanted to share what we've created with other organizations regardless of whether or not they use JIRA. So now you can extract and share our template processes under a Creative Commons license. If you're wanting a closer look at the forms driving those processes, you can also now view the forms from the website.
  • Support and documentation - We enhanced our support services and launched a new documentation site. The new site was conveniently created in Confluence and piped to the web using ViewPort. We think it's terrific to be able to streamline content creation in Confluence.
  • Summit Barcelona - Then we headed to Barcelona. It was great to meet more of the Atlassian family and to see ProForma validated as a vital business tool for many organizations. We are especially proud to have had Charlie, the head of our development team, present Shipping to Server and Cloud with Docker.
  • ProForma for JIRA Server - Our biggest milestone for the quarter was the release of the server version of ProForma. We did a soft release in April, but didn’t put it out with full fanfare until June when we’d worked all of the kinks out. Now that it's out there, we are thrilled to see that some of our first free licenses are being issued to eligible organizations holding an Atlassian community license.


Our plan for the upcoming three months includes extended functionality, improvements to the form builder, and of course, an expansion of the Template Library:

  • Piping through to custom fields - Top on our to do list is to make it possible for you to pipe form data through to JIRA custom fields. This means you'll be able to send selected data into JIRA where you can query and report on it.
  • Validation - We'll be enhancing the form builder to allow you to set individual fields as either required or optional.
  • Template Library - Watch for the release of new process templates for Human Resources and IT teams.
  • StatusPage - Great features and functionality are not enough. You need to know that you can trust us to provide consistent availability, support and service. So, we're implementing StatusPage so you'll always know where we're at.

Stay tuned...we'll be releasing an update like this every quarter. We're happy to have you with us as we grow and develop ProForma. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.