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Retrospective and Roadmap: Q4 2019

by Simon Herd on October 11, 2019

We’re entering the final stretch of 2019 and plan on delivering some exciting new functionality in time for the new year (new decade!). You’ll be able to make your forms more user-friendly, more functional and more compact, and then you’ll be able to deploy them in more places – making ProForma the solution for forms and documents in Jira.





Q3 saw some big additions to the form builder, new and improved documentation and the ability to create your forms in multiple languages. However, we under estimated the complexity of some of the tasks that we set ourselves, so some items will carry through to Q4.

Here's what's new:

  • Multilingual Forms
    Do you serve citizens of the world? We’re pleased to say that when filling out a form the interface and validation messages now support English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, German. We have also used automatic translations about 20 more language. Please let us know if there any improvements we can make, or any additional languages you need.

  • Multilingual Help Site for Customers and Jira Users
    You can now provide your customers (JSD Portal users) and Jira User/Agents tutorials in one of 24 languages. See our Internationalization page for links to the help site in your required languages.

  • Leaving Forms Open
    Now you can leave forms on the customer portal open, even after the customer creates the request. This is great for long forms where customers may need time to fetch additional information, for iterative processes with lots of collaborating back and forth, or for checklists of items that are completed at different points in time.

  • Regex Pattern Matching
    Get text data the way you want it. Our newly added Regular Expressions (regex) validation option lets you define how text fields are formatted. Use this to collect account numbers, phone numbers, IP addresses or formatted currency amounts.

  • New Form System: Email, URL and User Lookup Question Types
    You won’t need to create patterns for emails, URLs or user lookups because those question types have been added to the form builder. Link user lookup questions to Jira fields such as Approver, Assignee, CAB, or Reporter.

  • New form UI 
    These new question types were made possible by us rewriting the form UI from scratch. This was one of the most significant changes we have made since ProForma was released and was done to enable us to introduce the next iteration of the ProForma form builder (see below). The changes have also addressed a number of the limitations in the previous UI. 

  • Pull External Data for Lookup Questions
    Load your choice lists with live data from directories, spreadsheets, etc. You can now create connections to third-party API’s, allowing you to ensure your choice lists are automatically kept current.

  • Create and Attach PDF on Submit 
    Automatically generate and attach a PDF of the form to the Jira issue. This handy new form setting makes it easy to build instant portability into your processes.

  • Integration with Configuration Manager
    ProForma now supports Configuration Manager for Jira, making it easy to migrate your form designs from one project to another, or from one Jira instance to another.  

  • Dynamic Documentation
    We also reworked our documentation site to make it easier for you to find information that  will help you get the most out of ProForma. Check out the embedded tutorials (which can be downloaded as PDFs in variety of languages), or see what you can do with the tricks and tips in the Advanced Usage section.

  • AtlasCamp - Vienna; Jira mobile
    Two of our team members were pleased to attend AtlasCamp in Vienna to hear the plans Atlassian has to improve how apps like ProForma integrate with Jira. The big takeaway for us is that Atlassian is working on a technology that will allow ProForma forms to appear in the Jira mobile apps. It is still early days. However, we will be working closely with Atlassian to ensure ProForma is one of the first apps to support Jira mobile. ETA: Second half of 2020. 


What Didn’t Go According to Plan:

  • Form Publishing
    We have started work on the ability to publish ProForma forms anywhere.  However, the release of the new form UI, and the work on the next iteration of the form system has meant that this feature has been pushed back. It still remains a top priority, but we need to do a bit more on the new form system before we can release it. 



In addition to the items above, our dev team has been working behind the scenes to set the stage for some long-awaited features:


  • More Formatting Options in the Form Builder
    We are working to bring you the next iteration of ProForma forms. The new form builder will support many more design options including multiple font sizes, tables, columns, info boxes. Think Confluence pages in a Jira environment, with the power of fields and conditional logic. The new form builder is faster and simpler to use than the current one. It also allows for copying and pasting of form template designs, either within the same form template or between form templates.

  • Form Publishing Options
    Once you’ve created those forms and documents, you’ll be able to deploy them anywhere…a Confluence page, your documentation site, etc. You’ll also be able to link directly to any form, or include the form on the page through a JavaScript snippet or iFrame. 

  • Updated and Improved Form Templates
    Of course, we’re excited about delivering new form editing capabilities to our customers, but we’re also looking forward to using them ourselves. We’ll be updating and improving our library of form templates. Let us know if there are any forms you’d like us to add.

What’s Not on the Roadmap for this Quarter

We commit to our development roadmap on a quarter by quarter basis. In the past, we have sometimes been a little too ambitious about we could achieve. Our priorities and thinking also change in response to our customers. In order to ensure transparency, we wanted to let you know that the following items will be pushed back. 
  • Integration with Riada
    You’ve told us that one of the add-ons you’d most like to be able to integrate with is Riada Insight. We're keen to build this functionality, but it's been pushed back until the new form system is fully in place. 

  • Reporting & Search Solutions
    Another area we aim to improve on is our reporting and search functionality. This is likely to be our primary focus once the new form system is in place. 

Ensure that ProForma evolves in a way the works for you. Reach out any time with feature suggestions, use cases and your language needs.