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Retrospective and Roadmap: Q1 2019

by Simon Herd on January 22, 2019


Coming off of a highly successful third quarter – when we released editableinternal and external forms, conditional logic and ProForma Lite – we had big ambitions for the final stretch of 2018.  It didn’t go quite as we had planned, but we do have some exciting progress to report:


  • Jira Issue Creation
    Customers had requested the ability to create a Jira issue from a ProForma form. So we developed Issue Forms
    . This is a global setting that you can enable to allow users to access designated ProForma forms directly from the Jira navigation bar. When the user fills out and submit the form, a new Jira issue (with the form included) is created. This saves you from having to create the issue, then manually add the form. It’s also a great way to ensure that you get all of the information you need from the onset when new Jira issues are created.

  • Battling Custom Field Bloat
    We’ve always promoted ProForma as the solution to collecting process-specific, structured data on Jira issues without requiring custom fields. But after talking to customers at Summit, we realized that you don’t just need to prevent custom fields from accumulating – you need help dealing with the ones you already have.  So we teamed up with our favorite Jira super-user, Rachel Wright
    , to put out a series of article on how to reduce custom field bloat. We’ll be continuing this series with a few articles exploring next-gen projects and what they mean for Jira admins, app developers and Jira users.

  • Team Growth = More Improvements
    Our team keeps growing and we were excited to bring on both Robert and Louisa to join our development team. They bring a wealth of experience and have started to get their heads around Jira and our products. As our team expands our capacity to roll out more features and improvements will increase.

  • Jira 8.0 / JSD 4.0
    We look forward to the release of Jira 8.0 / JSD 4.0 for server, ProForma has been updated to ensure it continues to work with the next exciting evolution of the Jira Server.

  • Data Center Testing
    We are well down the road to having a data centre version of ProForma available. We have completed the necessary testing regimes to identify the two problematic areas where ProForma struggled with large data sets.  


Additionally, we’ve made a good start on some exciting feature that we hope to be releasing later this quarter.  Many of you have provided suggestions, use cases and feedback on features in development, and we greatly appreciate your input. 

  • Form Automation 
    You'll soon be able to add automation rules to ProForma forms to be able to do things like add a form when an issue is transitioned, transition an issue when a form is submitted, or block a transition if a form has not been submitted.  

  • Support for Jira Data Center
    Having done the testing we are making the necessary changes for the DC version. We anticipate being ready to seek data center approval in late January (though cannot predict how long Atlassian’s approval process
     will take)

  • Pull External Data for Lookup Questions
    Several customer have asked about populating form choice lists with data from an external source. We'll be adding this feature to the form builder so you can pull external data from REST APIs or from Riada Insights.

  • ProForma Confluence App
    The hope is that as our team grows and we bed down the above features we'll be able to dedicate the resources required to build this app out. It remains on our list of stretch goals for this quarter.  

Thanks you for following our quarterly updates. Our goal is to develop a product that serves your needs, so please continue to provide feature suggestions.

Finally, we will be sponsoring Summit 2019 in Las Vegas! Come and say hi and tell us how you are using ProForma and see the new features we are releasing this quarter.

Happy 2019!