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Better Together: Refined Theme and ProForma for Jira Service Desk

by Jenny Choban on February 8, 2019

Great tools sometimes take you by surprise. You’re using the tool, you love it, then you suddenly realize that it can do a whole lot more than you ever imagined. That could easily happen with Jira Service Desk. Optimizing Jira Service Desk means many things. It includes setting up the right groups and request types, configuring your queues in the way that works best for your particular team, and connecting to a searchable knowledge base. It also means choosing the right add-ons. The Marketplace is full of apps and add-ons, but some are particularly suited to making your Service Desk more useful for agents and customers.

Refined Theme and ProForma are a potent combination that will allow you to:

  • Create a cleaner, simpler, more beautiful Service Desk;
  • Brand your Service Desk;
  • Help users get faster resolutions to their problems;
  • Easily handle more complex processes.


Let’s take a closer look at what each add-on has to offer.

Better Customer Portals with Refined Theme


Refined Theme for JSD allows you to brand and customize your customer portals.  This offers several advantages (along with making your portal more visually pleasing):

  • Added Structure
    You can organize your Service Desk into categories and sites, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.
  • Branding
    Deliver a  clear and consistent brand message using theme options
  • Display the Right Content to the Right Users
    Users get personalized results with quick links to relevant content and a display of their requests.
  • Improved Search
    Allow users to search multiple knowledge bases and provide recommended (external) links for connecting to outside resources.


In other words, Refined Theme not only provides a better-branded, more user-friendly customer experience, it helps deflect help desk tickets.

Better Data Collection with ProForma Forms


No matter how great your self-service options are, there will be times when customers will need to submit a ticket.  Getting the right data, from the moment the request is created, saves time for both the customer and the agent.


So how do you get customers to submit all of the right information every time they create a request? Forms are the key to getting perfect requests. They allow you to prompt for, require and validate the information you need. Adding forms that embed in issues/requests means that you get complete, structured, valid data without complex Jira configurations or oodles of custom fields.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Request a demo of ProForma


Once a request has been submitted, ProForma also enhances how customers and agents can interact on the portal in several key ways:


  • Agents can reopen submitted forms, allowing the customer to edit information that’s already been submitted. This means that most up-to-date data on a customer request is easily found in its designated field rather than buried in a comment chain.

  • Multiple forms can be included on a single request. Most processes have multiple steps. With ProForma, the customer can submit a request to attend a conference via the customer portal. When the conference is complete, they can submit their “Conference Learnings” form on the same request. All relevant parts of the process stay together, complete and traceable.

  • Complex processes don’t just need information from customers. At times agents will need to add their own tracking forms. ProForma allows agents to designate forms as either internal (only accessible on the issue) or external (visible and editable on the customer portal as well as on the issue).

Refined Theme & ProForma