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ProForma en Español ha Llegado

by Jenny Choban on October 10, 2019

¡Se habla Español!

Jira is used by people all of the world and people all of the world can get more out of Jira by using ProForma forms.  That’s why we’ve gone international, adding multi-lingual support to the ProForma form builder with a new form setting that lets you select the language that error and validation messages will be displayed in.



Mi App es Tú App

And what better place to start than with the language of Cervantes? That’s right, now you can not only create forms that ask for nombre and fecha, you’ll also know that your users will see language-appropriate responses to the content they enter in your forms.


How to Use ProForma in Spanish

To create forms for Spanish users or customers, simply write your form questions in Spanish. Click Save and then go to the Settings tab.  Click on the Language drop down and select español. Click the checkmark to save your selection. 




Eso es todo. Now if a user fails to meet your validation requirements, instead of receiving an error message that says, “Must have between 5 and 20 characters, ” they’ll receive a message that says, "Debe tener entre 5 y 20 caracteres."

Adding language support to the form builder is the beginning. In the upcoming months, we’ll be adding international language support to the forms list and configuration pages..

We Speak Your Language

Muchas grácias to all of you who reached out to help us with the translation.

Spanish is just one of 24 languages – including German, Japanese, Russian and Vietnamese – now supported by ProForma. If you need a language that’s not in the list? Let us know and we’ll put our translators to work.

Hasta pronto, amigos nuestros. Esperamos que disfruten usando ProForma. Y si todavía no usas ProForma, pruébenlo hoy.