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Giving Jira to Every Team Without Creating a Jungle

by Jenny Choban on April 11, 2018
Too much of a good thing can be problematic. Take Jira. It's definitely a good thing. So good in fact, that everyone wants to use it. That's great, until things start getting out of control. A Jira admin at an AUG meeting commented that he had recently pruned his organization's workflows back from 70 to seven. You need a way to offer Jira's great functionality and flexibility to all of your teams without ending up with a jungle of custom fields, workflows and screen schemes.


On the other end of the scale, some organizations maintain tight controls. Getting a custom field created involves a long, bureaucratic process of filling out official request forms and documenting the rationale with business use cases.  

There is a middle road. ThinkTilt has created ProForma - the Jira app that allows teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues or Jira Service Desk requests. This is an easy way to add all of the fields you need without cluttering up the Jira issue or wading into a swamp of endless customizations. Forms, with their unrivaled data collection power, are the key to balancing Jira flexibility with Jira governance.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Why ProForma is Good for Jira Administrators

Forms accommodate the need for customized, process-specific data collection, without requiring complex configurations or giving inappropriate levels of access to your Jira application.  Anyone with Administer Project permissions can create, modify or delete ProForma forms on a Jira project. Unlike custom fields, a large number of form fields will not impact Jira’s performance. Therefore, it’s perfectly safe to delegate data collection for a process to the team that carries out that process - no need for business team members to try to translate their needs to techies and vise versa.

Being able to control data collection makes it easier for teams to see how their process can function on existing workflows. Keep the number of workflows down to something you can count on your fingers even as Jira expands to more and more teams.

Forms data is stored on the Jira issues. It is secure and remains available even if your team stops using ProForma.

Teams can get started quickly, with minimal tech support. ProForma includes a library of form and process templates for common business processes. These templates were purpose-built in consultation with industry experts and can be easily modified to meet any team’s particular processes. For teams that use Jira Service Desk, process templates include a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed secondary forms all in one installation. Starting from these templates will save hours in admin time.

Why ProForma is Good for Teams

Every business process requires information. Online forms are unbeatable when it comes to data collection:

  • They prompt the user to enter all of the information needed for a specific process.
  • They can prevent the user from submitting a request that doesn’t include required information.
  • They can enforce business rules by limiting the parameters of what can be submitted.
  • They are easy to keep up to date since they only exist in one place.

When you combine forms with Jira’s features (workflows, transparency, end-to-end traceability, analytics, etc.), you have a powerful, self-contained system.  Teams have a viable option for moving processes, even the small processes that are routinely handled in email, into a well-designed system.  Changes are audited. Real time status is available to anyone who needs it. All needed details are visible on the Jira issue.  Processes become more standardized and streamlined and service teams are able to provide one-touch service since they receive all the right information upfront.

Forms are the sword that cuts through the Gordian knot of Jira customizations. ProForma makes it easy to create and manage forms in Jira.