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ProForma for Jira Server, No Docker Required

by Jenny Choban on May 3, 2018

Back in the Day...

ThinkTilt first launched ProForma at the 2016 Atlassian Summit in San Jose. The idea was to make it easy to capture all of the process-specific, field level data needed by creating forms that embed in Jira issues. Rather than requiring JAs to create oodles of custom fields, or forcing teams to conform to a field structure that wasn’t developed with them in mind, forms allow you to easily collect and structure all the data needed for a given process. This, in turn, is the key to using Jira as a solution for business teams across an entire organization.In order to demonstrate potential uses and expedite business teams converting to Jira, we created a library of form and JSD process templates (which include a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed secondary forms in one install). The templates were developed in consultation with industry experts and can be easily modified to meet any team’s needs.


Initial feedback was positive. Empowering teams like HR, Marketing and Finance to handle their processes in JIRA without burdening IT, is a win for everyone. Originally though, we weren’t ready for everyone. We’d built ProForma for Jira Cloud and learned that many of your were using Server. To address this, we released a version of the ProForma cloud server as a Docker image that Server customers could use behind their firewalls. Then we sent our development team back to work on creating a “native” server version that doesn't require Docker.

ProForma for Jira Server

Today we are pleased to announce that the native (no Docker required) version of ProForma is here. If you've been using the Docker version of ProForma, you can upgrade to the native Server version by going to the Manage add-ons screen in Jira Administration and clicking the Update button next to ProForma. Your instance will automatically be migrated to ProForma 4.0. Once your upgrade is complete, you can follow  these steps to uninstall Docker. If you've been holding off on trying ProForma, the wait is over. You can now download the server version from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Benefits of Using ProForma & Jira

Benefits for Business Teams

  • All the required information can be collected at the moment when the customer makes a request, enabling one-touch service.
  • Repeated processes can be built into an easy to use system, saving time and standardizing processes.
  • Teams enjoy Jira’s transparency, end-to-end traceability, workflow efficiency.
  • Service teams beyond IT can manage their requests in Jira Service Desk using queues, approvals, real time status and SLAs.
  • Teams can use Jira reports to measure the frequency, volume and time needed to resolve particular request types and allocate their resources accordingly.

Benefits for Jira Administrators

  • Fields that are included on a form do not need to be added to the issue itself. That means fewer issue types and fewer custom fields.
  • Forms and a high number of form fields will not impact Jira’s performance or your Jira application, making it perfectly safe to delegate form create to the teams that will use the data. (Anyone with Administer Project permissions can create or modify ProForm forms).
  • Form data is stored on the Jira issue and remains available even if you stop using ProForma.
  • Form fields can be linked to Jira fields for easy querying and reporting.
  • ProForma makes it easy to extend Jira to teams across your organization.