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Bye bye, JotForms. Opt for the Forms Solution Backed by Jira

by Jenny Choban on June 20, 2018

Previously we shared the story an organization that was able to say goodbye to PDFs by converting to ProForma.  Today, we bring you the tale of an organization that needed to move beyond Jotforms.



A premier health organization with over 6,000 employees, provides care and services for more than 200,000 patients annually. They use Jira Service Desk and have combined it with ProForma to manage various Marketing activities, such as press releases and submitting videos for inclusion on the their website. 

Why did they choose to start using ProForma?

Previously, they manually created Jotforms and configured them to each business function. This gave them all of the advantages of using a form (process-specific, structured data collection), but those forms weren’t backed by a workflow. They didn’t just need information. They needed to drive that information through a workflow. Combining ProForma and Jira allows them to capture the information they need and process it in the same place. No third-party integration tools required.

This is also a great way to streamline and standardize repeated processes. Requests won’t linger in an overflowing email inbox or be handled differently depending on which member of your team handles the request. Features like approvals and notifications make it easy to bake best practices into your processes, ensuring quality control.

Their Jira Administrator at the health organization noted that it’s much easier to create ProForma forms than to add all of the needed custom fields to the request type. Also, she likes not being limited in how much instructional text she can include, commenting that she can now add information that’s helpful for her users, ultimately resulting in better data.

How Could ProForma Improve?

We asked the JA what improvements she would like to see in ProForma. She responded that, “It would also be great to have the ability to move the questions around.”

We agree. We’ve put it on our development roadmap for release which will be shipping soon.