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Make Everyone Happy by Equipping IT with Built-In Forms

by Jenny Choban on March 26, 2019

You already have a slick tool – Jira Service Desk – for providing great IT support. But are you as efficient as you’d like to be? The simple addition of forms to support requests could be a powerful way to improve your service.In fact, Atlassian recently identified ProForma as one of the apps that can most increase JSD agent productivity.

ProForma Forms & Checklists for Jira 

We’re Already Using JSD. Why Do We Need ProForma?

You already have a system for managing and responding to requests for IT support. So why do you need the ProForma app?

Well, lets imagine there are three new requests in your queue; one is to give a new user access to their team’s shared drive, another is for the purchase of new hardware, and the final one is a request for a new Jira custom field. You will need different pieces of information from the requestors in order to fulfill those requests. Some are fairly simple. The person requesting that their new employee be given access to their shared drive, will probably remember to list the name of that employee in the description of their request (but will they remember to tell you what access levels they want the employee to have?).

However, a more complex process like requesting a new custom field will require more information:

  • What is the field type?
  • Why do you need it?
  • What issue types should the new field apply to?
  • What are the field properties?
  • What screens should the new field appear on?
  • How should the field be described to the user?

That’s a lot of information for someone to remember to include in a description. Chances are, they won’t and you’ll go back and forth trying to obtain all the necessary data, dragging out the time to resolution. On the off chance that the requestor does include all of the data needed, you will still lose time parsing that information out of the description field.

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Too Much of a Good Thing: Avoiding Custom Field Overload

One way to deal with this is to create custom fields to collect the specific pieces of information needed to fulfill a specific request type. Jira Service Desk certainly makes it possible to do that. But just how many custom fields do you want to manage? We identified six different pieces of key information that needed to be collected in the example above, and that’s just for one request type.

Creating and managing all of the custom fields you’d need could easily become overly burdensome and overuse of custom fields will eventually degrade Jira's performance.

How Can We Add Forms to JSD?

In the end, their is no better tool for collecting needed information than a form. ProForma forms allow you to get all of the information you need the first time a request is placed.

There are several options for integrating forms with Jira. Sadly, many of them involve complex processes and third party integration. ThinkTilt is pleased to offer ProForma, a simple way to create, customize and deploy forms from right within Jira.  There’s no need for a third party. No spaghetti plate of custom fields. No commenting back and forth trying to get all of the information you need.

ProForma forms also allow you to:

  • Get exactly the information you need for every request type
  • Use validation to ensure requests are complete and that responses are within allowable parameters.
  • Use conditional logic to ask the right users the right questions
  • Include multiple forms on a single request for those multi-step processes
  • Allow users to edit/update their request forms from the portal so the latest information isn’t buried in comment chains.

Chances are, your organization chose to use Jira Service Desk precisely because it provides a simple, efficient and effective way to deliver great customer support. Why not make the most of that wonderful tool by adding ProForma?

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