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Jira Service Desk

Three Strategies for Optimizing the JSD Help Center

by Jenny Choban on February 12, 2019

The Help Center is here! If you use JSD Cloud, you’ll soon be migrated (if you haven’t already) to Jira Service Desk Help Center.  Customers have asked if ProForma works with the Help Center. Not only does it work, ProForma and the JSD Help Center are a winning combination that can you help implement an Enterprise Service Management solution across your organization.




Empower More Teams with Jira Service Desk


Along with highlighting the search bar, the new help center is designed to make it easy for customers navigate between multiple service desks, making it a perfect fit for Enterprise Service Management.  The reality is that every team is a service team. So why would IT be the only team with a service desk? Teams like Facilities, Legal, HR and Marketing handle a huge volume of requests.  All of these fulfillment teams face similar challenges and have similar pain points (like an overwhelming shared inbox). Service teams such as these need:

  • An easy way for the customers to reach them (to access their service catalogue in ITSM-speak);
  • A system for receiving and managing incoming requests;
  • A way to gather all of the information needed in order to fulfill a request;
  • A way to show all of the services they offer.


Providing these teams with Jira Service Desk accomplishes all of this, and gives your employees one, centralized place for getting whatever kind of help they need.

Make the Most of Jira Service Desk Features

JSD is a powerful tool and teams can utilize as many or as a few features as they see fit.  As you bring non-tech teams into JSD , remember that every team doesn't need to use every feature immediately. Focus on moving key processes into Jira and setting up queues that fit the way the team works.


In the next iteration add links to a Confluence knowledge base. Tech teams tend to think of a knowledge base as offering “how to” information, but a knowledge base can also be hold company policies, history, upcoming events, etc.


The third step is to see if the team has any processes that need automation. Waiting until the team has been using JSD before adding automation will allow the team to identify bottle-necks and pain points that the technology can solve.


Finally, set up SLAs so teams can set goals and monitor their performance.


Amp Up the JSD Portal with ProForma Forms


ProForma is an app that allows teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues and can be published to the JSD portal. Forms are a great way to collect process-specific information without adding custom fields. ProForma forms can be created and deployed without complex Jira configurations so more teams can get the data they need in JSD without creating a headache for your Jira support team.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Along with making it easy for teams to get the right information from the moment a request is submitted, ProForma expands the ways agents and customers can interact on the portal. By default, customers can only submit one form (the request screen) per request. Once that form is submitted, they cannot alter it - instead any changes have to be communicated to the service agents via the comments section.


Consider the possibilities if a customer could edit their requests (“Oops. I need 2,000 brochures, not 200!”), or if agents could add additional forms to the same request, either for internal service team tracking or to collect follow-up information from the customer. With ProForma you can include multiple forms per request, making JSD an apt tool for handling complex processes.


For example, let’s take a typical request - an employee asking to attend a conference request. The employee submits their request via the JSD portal and approval to attend is given.  That could be the end of the process, but chances are your organization wants the employee to bring back and share some lessons from that conference.  With ProForma, the service agent can add a “Conference Learnings” form to the request, asking the employee to complete document their ideas and thoughts. We now have a far more valuable process, with the request, approval and results all in one place.


Best of all, ProForma provides this extra functionality while minimizing the burden on your Jira support team. Since teams can collect the information they require on forms, there’s little need for custom fields and fewer changes to you Jira configuration.


Setting up your new Help Center is an opportunity to reimagine how you use Jira Service Desk. Combining the Help Center with ProForma means you can empower more teams to provide better service.