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ProForma for Jira Server Beta Release

by Jenny Choban on April 25, 2018

ThinkTilt first launched ProForma, the app that empowers teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues, for Jira Cloud back in 2016. The idea was well received by Jira administrators as forms are an easy way to add all of the fields needed for a particular process without creating new issue types or jumping through the hoops to add a myriad of custom fields. Teams also embraced the idea, as each team has unique processes which require specific pieces of data. 


However, we soon learned that a lot of you aren’t using Jira Cloud, so we set about developing a Server version of ProForma for those folks who can't use Cloud. To get started quickly, we initially released a version of the ProForma cloud server as a Docker image that Server customers can use behind their firewall. Then we sent our development team back to work on creating a “native” server version that doesn't require Docker.

Today marks the Beta release of that native server version. We will continue to test and to gather feedback from our Beta users over the next week. Once we have all of the bugs worked out, we’ll release ProForma for Jira Server for everyone.

Contact us if you would like to have the opportunity to join the beta test of ProForma for Jira Server.