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Legal Jira Service Desk

Why ProForma for Jira Will Make Your Legal Team Smile

by Jenny Choban on August 28, 2017

What JSD can do for Legal Teams

Legal teams are charged with protecting the organizations they serve, as well as its customers and employees.  That involves working with, and sometimes reining in, a lot of other people. Managing business processes can be challenging.

  • How do you stop people from using an old version of the non-disclosure agreement that they had saved on their hard drive?
  • How do you prioritize the things that are critical and urgent to somebody against the things that are critical and urgent to the organization?
  • How do you organize the correspondence around a contract and track where you’re at in the contract’s lifecycle?


These types of activities call for a sophisticated request management that can make your processes more streamlined, more controlled and more manageable. JIRA Service Desk is just such a system.

  • Queues make it easy to direct requests to the designated staff member and to ensure that the highest priority items get attended to first
  • JIRA’s end to end issue tracking ensures that there is always a record of who did what, when- you can see what’s been done and what remains to be done
  • You can set JSD requests to require manager approval, ensuring that only approved items arrive on your desk (or in your queue) in the first place
  • JSD metrics let you see how often specific requests types occur and how much time is needed to resolve them giving you the ability to allocate your time to meet the demand
  • Anyone associated with an issue can check its real time status online, reducing phone calls, emails and other interruptions

Jira Forms for Legal Teams

Jira Service Desk was developed for IT support teams. So why are we recommending it for your legal team? Because technology makes it easy to employ the kind of auditing and tracking tools that are critical for legal teams. The question then becomes whether or not a tool like JIRA Service Desk can be adapted to truly fit for highly specialized, non-technical teams.

JIRA has great features for tracking requests and managing workflow. The difference between IT and other teams (like Legal) is the kind of requests they receive and the information they need to collect in order to respond to those requests. JIRA Service Desk allows you to create request types tailored for your particular team – things like contract reviews, data breach notifications and requests for legal advice.

You need the people who are submitting those requests to provide you with detailed background information. There’s a Description field, but can you really count on people to include all of the information you need? A better option is to create a form that asks for what you need. You can attach forms to JIRA issues, but the process is a bit onerous.

This is where ProForma comes in. ProForma is an app that empowers teams to create and deploy forms within Jira. It’s a simple efficient way to collect all of the information you need inside a tool that can easily handle your workflow and requests. However, we recognize that building forms takes time – time that you probably don’t have. That’s why we created a library of process templates (JSD requests types and their associated forms) to help you get started. The library includes a suite of templates for Legal teams that are ready to use without heavy reliance on IT.

Keeping everyone’s ass covered is a big job. The right tools can make it easier.