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Amplify the Power of JIRA Core with ProForma

by Jenny Choban on August 9, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to have all of your business teams using JIRA? Well, maybe it would and maybe it wouldn’t. It would be a great way for teams like Finance, HR and Marketing to manage their processes, but would that mean a jungle of custom fields, screens and data schemas for you?


ProForma was created for just this reason. We wanted to give teams the functionality, flexibility and power of JIRA without their having to rely heavily on IT support. This expedites the work of business teams and frees up IT to focus on other things. You need JIRA Service Desk to take advantage of the full functionality of ProForma. However, you can use some of the features, and thereby offer some great solutions for your business teams, with JIRA Core.

 The Form Builder

One of ProForma’s key features is a powerful, yet intuitive form builder that lets teams build forms to attach to JIRA issues. This means that can collect all the information they need, specific to any of their particular processes, without your needing to create custom fields.

The form builder allows teams to put in as much instructional text as needed, allows for the addition of as many sections as needed and includes various question types. Clear and simple design means that there’s virtually no learning curve for using the form builder. We continue to add to the functionality of the form builder with several new features planned for the upcoming months.

And we’ve made it even easier by building forms for common processes so your teams can get started right away. The template library includes purpose-built forms for teams such as Finance, HR, Legal and Marketing. We consulted with business area experts in creating these forms, but just in case we missed something, every forms is fully customizable. New templates are added to the library on a regular basis.

Add a Form to an Issue

Once a form has been created, team members can attach it to an issue whenever appropriate. Being able to collect the right information at the time an issue is created means there’s a lot less going back and forth. No waiting for someone to get back to the office so they can give you that last, little piece of information. No wondering when they will reply to your reply. You get all the information you need right up front.

A blank copy of each form that’s created is saved in your JIRA project. You can use the form again whenever appropriate.

All the Forms You Need

There is no limit to how many forms can be attached to an issue. In addition to creating and attaching forms to collect information from their internal customers, teams can also create forms for getting supervisor approval, or for tracking that all of the steps in a given process were carried out. All of the completed forms remain attached to the JIRA issue, assuring you all the security and traceability JIRA provides.