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Setting our Direction as We Move into Confluence

by Jenny Choban on June 11, 2018

Our development team has just arrived in the Rose City for App Week Portland – a time to network with other Atlassian partners and generate new ideas.  We’re excited to see what teams are working on and to have the opportunity to cross-pollinate with ideas and suggestions. We’d love to hear what your teams are working on, so let us know.


ProForma for Confluence

Our focus will be on ProForma for Confluence. We imagine a Confluence macro that would allow users to:

  • Create a ProForma form in a Confluence page such that when someone fills out the form it will automatically create a Jira issue.
  • Insert an existing ProForma form (linked to a Jira issue) into a Confluence page.

This functionality could have lot of business applications. Policy documents published in Confluence could have an embedded form for users to indicate that they have read, understood and agreed to the policy. Marketing teams creating content in Confluence could have forms with relevant content fields (category, persona, buyer’s phase etc.) that would then populate a Jira issue. These are some of the uses we’re imagining teams using ProForma for Confluence, but we’d love to hear your ideas.

The fact that we’re getting started on ProForma for Confluence doesn’t mean we’re moving on from ProForma for Jira. Our team is hard at work on new features like conditional logic.  In fact, we’re adding another programmer to our team to so we can keep up momentum.

We will be sharing information in our quarterly Roadmap Blog at the end of the month. In the mean time, we’d love to hear from you. What use cases can you see for ProForma forms in Confluence? How would your teams use conditional logic? Use the in-app chat or email us to tell us about use cases, feature ideas or any other suggestions.