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JIRA and ProForma: Better Service for Less Money

by Jenny Choban on June 14, 2017

What if you could empower every team in your organization to deliver better service and save money at the same time? Sound too good to be true? Powering up your business processes with a request management system makes your teams more efficient, their customers happier and your bottom line healthier. How do we know? We can learn from IT.


IT teams have been employing help desks for a while. As such, they serve as an example, allowing us to see the advantages of using a service desk model and to compare the costs to other methods of providing customer service.

First consider the “old-fashioned” way. You send an email. You wait for a response. You get impatient and call to say, “Did you see my email? I need help.” And on the other end of the line, an employee who truly wants to help you, stares at an email inbox, overflowing with requests like yours, unable to determine at a glance which are most urgent, which could be dealt with quickly, which need to be escalated. It's frustrating for everyone.

Compare that all-too-familiar scenario to using a system like JIRA Service Desk combined with ProForma forms:

Teams Are More Efficient

  • All the information needed to fulfill a request can be submitted when the request is made – no going back and forth in long email chains.
  • Requests into queues that can be configured to ensure that the most urgent requests get priority, that requests are dealt with in a timely manner and that the request is routed to the person best suited to respond.
  • Nothing gets lost. The request and all the data that go along with it are there in your JIRA instance (which is convenient if you need to prove compliance).
  • Teams now have knowledge of the volume, types and frequency of the requests they receive, allowing team leaders to anticipate the demand and allocate resources accordingly.

Customer Service is Better

  • Customer can easily lodge requests using the customer portal. Filling out a quick form designed by the team they are requesting assistance from ensures that all the needed information is included up front.
  • Any one involved with an issue can see its status at any time.
  • Approvals can be built into the workflow ensuring that the process doesn’t get bottlenecked in a supervisors inbox.
  • If combined with a Confluence knowledge base, customers may be able to self-serve, resolving their issue quickly and easily.

The Bottom Line

Valiantys recently quoted some research by Forrester into the costs of providing customer service and technical support through various channels. They calculated the cost per contact at $12 and up for the old-fashioned phone call.  Using web chat and email can cut that cost to $5, and self-service websites take that cost down to 10 cents or less per contact.

Think about that. How much could your organization save if not only your IT team, but also your HR team, your Marketing team, your finance team used a service desk to manage their requests?

ProForma is a purpose-built solution that makes it easy for non-tech business teams to convert to a service desk model. JIRA Service Desk is a state of the art solution for request management. ProForma empowers business teams to create their own forms (or modify one from our Template Library that attach to JIRA issues and request types. There’s no need for a maze of custom field or complex configurations. Teams have a elegant mechanism for managing requests. Customers get better service. The organization saves resources. That’s a win for everyone.