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ProForma 2.0: Validation, Piping and Freedom from Jira Custom Fields

by Simon Herd on October 10, 2017

As part of our roadmap for Q3 2017, we committed to delivering some big functionality, and we're now excited to announce that the features below are available in both Cloud and Server. To see what is coming next have a look at our latest roadmap.

  • Limit the number of custom fields
    Limit the need for custom fields even as you bring more teams into Jira. The ability to create and deploy forms attached to Jira issues means teams can collect exactly the information they require without burdening their Jira administrator or degrading performance with a plethora of custom fields.

  • Link form fields to Jira fields
    When the content of a field is changed in the form, it will also update the linked Jira field so teams using ProForma can leverage JQL and Jira reports for managing and measuring their processes.

  • Use validation to collect better data
    Need to limit the the length of a written reply? Or set an upper limit on a financial request? You can do both by using the new validation options in the ProForma form designer. Validation rules can be set for any form field allowing your teams to control the information they collect, enforce business rules and reduce time going back and forth to get the right data.