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Purchasing with Less Hassle: ProForma & Jira

by Jenny Choban on November 13, 2017

It’s that time of year. A friend wrote me that she’s getting started on her Christmas shopping. Of course, there’s work-related shopping to be done as well. Furnishings break. Pens run out of ink. People need new stuff. And even when they don’t need new stuff, they want it.

Procurement_catalogue_ProForma_ThinkTilt image


Most organizations can’t quite afford to let every employee have every new toy that catches their eye. Chances are your organization’s procurement professionals have identified and approved vendors and products that employees can choose from.

 That catalogue of available items is a dynamic listing that needs to be easy to access and easy to update. It needs to be able to hold various pieces of information such as vendor, item number and price. And when requests for those items are made, it needs to be able to easily track the outcome. In other words, managing your organization’s procurement catalogue is a perfect fit for Jira.

Making Jira Work for Any Team…Without the Custom Field Chaos

A procurement catalogue is such a great example of how Jira can be used by non-tech business teams that Atlassian has even developed a Procurement Template  to be used with Jira Core. You can also use to set up an integrated asset tracking program.

But your Procurement team does more than track and approve purchases. They collect quotes, develop negotiation strategies and evaluate proposals. Jira, and in particular, Jira Service Desk can be a great way to manage those processes. Of course the information needed to process a major purchase is different than the information needed to deliver IT support. Wouldn’t be great if you could empower your Procurement team to use Jira without having to create (and manage) a bunch of custom fields, screens, schemes and configurations?

You can. ProForma Forms and Templates for Jira lets teams build, deploy and manage forms attached to Jira issues. Your Procurement team can not only receive requests for new items, they can ask for and receive three quotes for that item. They can build forms to collect information on the customer portal or to help manage their internal processing - knowing that those processes will be backed by Jira’s workflow engine and end-to-end tracking.

In cases where you’ll need to query or report on a piece of information later, it’s easy to pipe form data through to a Jira field.

Get Business Teams into Jira Quickly

Best of all, bringing business teams like Procurement into Jira doesn’t have to be an onerous process. We’ve created a library of easy-to-install process templates (that include a request type, a portal form, any needed internal forms, an issue type and a workflow) for dozens of business process, including procurement processes. Your procurement professionals can use the processes as they are or customize them to meet their particular needs.

Jira is a great tool for business teams for all of the same reasons that it’s a great tool for IT teams. With ProForma, bringing teams into Jira is fast and easy and may even result in less Jira admin for you!