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Improved Jira Data Collection Promotes One-touch Service

by Jenny Choban on March 5, 2018

Look into the queue of any Jira Service Desk project and you’re likely to see a lot of requests that are "waiting for customer".


Agents who are ready, willing and able to serve wait for more information from customers who are anxiously waiting to have their problems solved. This far too common situation is less than ideal. Having tickets “waiting for customer” means that work in progress accumulates, clogging up your queue and making your team less efficient. In the worst case scenario, depending on the seriousness of the ticket, the customer may be unable to continue working until their problem is solved. In the best case scenario, these delays represent wasted time on behalf of both the customer and the agent. Wouldn’t your organization benefit by freeing both of these people to focus on higher value work?

Smart Data Collection without Jira Custom Fields

There will be times when the need to go back for more information will be inevitable.  However, using the right tool for data collection can prevent this situation in a lot of cases, allowing your team to provide one-touch service.

That tool is ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira. ProForma empowers teams to create, deploy and manage forms within Jira or Jira Service Desk. ProForma forms:

  • Allow teams to collect formatted, validated and structured data specific to the requirements of any business process;
  • Can be deployed on the customer portal, making it easy for customers to submit the needed data at the moment when they place the request.
  • Are embedded in the Jira issue, not included as attachments (which are easy to forget).
  • Do not require the creation of Jira custom fields, nor new issue types, screens or schema.

Who Can Use ProForma and Jira Service Desk?

IT service teams are not the only ones who need an efficient way to manage and respond to customer requests. Teams like HR, Marketing and Finance process a huge volume of requests. While these teams are probably equipped with sophisticated systems for handling their core tasks (payroll, accounts payable/receivable, etc.), they often manage requests through email. Email is an inefficient way to manage requests, resulting in some of the most important teams in your organization spending a disproportionate amount of time on small processes.

Building small processes, like requesting a day off or reimbursement from petty cash can be easily built into Jira Service Desk, making them more efficient and more standardized — and increasing the chance that they’ll be able to provide one-touch service.

The other advantage of bringing more business teams into Jira Service Desk is that it can make life easier for your internal customers. An employee doesn’t need to learn one process for getting help from IT and another for getting help from Facilities.  Why not let your customers ask for whatever they need via the Jira Service Desk portal?

Converting teams to ProForma is easy.  We’ve created a library of Jira Service Desk process templates (that include the request type, workflow, portal form and any needed secondary forms) for common business process executed by service teams in your organization. These templates were designed in consultation with industry experts and any ProForma form can be easily modified to meet a particular team’s business requirements.

Empowering teams to provide one-touch service will improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency for all your service teams.