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Form Design

Try the New Form Builder to Create Beautiful Forms in Jira

by Jenny Choban on April 27, 2020

The next time you create a ProForma (view in the Atlassian Marketplace) form, you might notice that things look a little different. You might even wonder if you’ve accidentally opened Confluence instead of ProForma. But don’t worry. You’re in the right place. What you’re seeing is our new ADF (Atlassian Document Format) Form Builder.


ProForma New Form Builder

If you’re already using ProForma, you know the power of using forms in Jira. Forms allow you to collect complete, structured data without creating a mess of custom fields. You can create Jira issues directly from forms to ensure perfect data on every issue. Validation lets you easily build your business rules into your forms, tightening processes and ensuring compliance. Publishing forms to the Jira Service Desk portal allows service agents to get the right information and provide faster service. Best of all, forms can be created by Project Administrators, putting data collection in the hands of the team who use the data and freeing up your Jira administrators.

The New ProForma Form Builder

The new ProForma form builder features a Confluence-style interface that’s simple and friendly to use.  The new format will also allow you to create friendlier, more attractive forms, following the principles of good form design. This is especially useful when working with non-tech teams that are bringing processes into Jira for the first time. Now they can create forms in Jira that mirror their legacy forms and documents.

Features of the new form builder include:

  • Rich text formatting (bold, italics, headings, colors, etc,)
  • Tables and page layouts that you can embed your questions in 
  • Ability to include quotes, statuses, dividing lines, etc.
  • Formatted insert panels (information, notes, success, warnings and errors)
  • Default values for form question
  • Ability to preview and test your forms
  • Nested conditional sections
  • The ability to preview/test your forms

ProForma for Jira formatting options

How Can I Use Forms in Jira?

So what can you do with the new form builder? Just about anything! Below are just a few for even more ideas of how to use ProForma forms, check out our instant access demo


Sign-up or Budget forms

Use tables to capture multiple pieces of information easily. 

ProForma for Jira Sign-up form


Specifically Formatted Data 

Use a sidebar layout to provide in-depth instructions for any field.

Combine this with ProForma's Regex validation to make sure the information entered is exactly what teams need.



Create Memos or Contracts

Use the form builder to create memos, contracts, letters and other documents that you may not typically think of as a "form", but would like to include on a Jira issue. 

Combine this with the ability to create and attach PDFs on form submission and you have the essentials of a document generation system.

ProForma for Jira Letter



An alternative to a multitude of subtasks

Create simple or detailed checklists as an alternative to subtasks for tracking progress on an issue.


ProForma for Jira Detailed Checklist


What Happens Now?

When you create a new form template, you will automatically be directed to the new form builder. 

When you open an existing form templated to edit it, the form will open in whichever form version of the form builder it was created in. You can convert forms that were created in the original form builder to the new form builder following these instructions. Note that forms created in the new form builder cannot revert back to the original form builder.

Any scripts you have written to interact with your existing forms will also continue to function. The new form builder includes a "Issue JSON" tab that will allow you to see how the data is stored, so you can begin updating your scripts.

Existing forms on issues will not be changed and will continue to be supported.

If you haven't tried ProForma, this is a great time to get started. Building beautiful forms has never been easier.