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Closing the Loop: Multiple Portal Forms for Procurement

by Jenny Choban on August 8, 2018

Jira is a great tool for tracking complex processes. Part of getting the most out of Jira is optimizing your process for gathering information on your Jira issues. The tricky thing is that with many issues, that information may come from multiple sources and may become available at different points in time.  How can you keep all that information clearly visible and organized on a Jira issue?


Forms are unbeatable for gathering and organizing information. Data on forms is complete (because users are prompted to include what’s needed and validation enforces required fields) and structured. ProForma makes it easy for teams to build and deploy their own forms. This relieves IT of a burdensome task (do you really want to create all those custom fields, screens and schemes?) and puts power over data collection in the hands of the people who actually use the data.


But sometimes one form isn’t enough. You need to capture the information that was known when the request was made, as well as when the request was fulfilled. Let’s look at an example.


Purchase Order and Delivery Acceptance in Jira Service Desk

A procurement team has created a request type and form which employees can access via the Jira Service Desk portal for requesting a purchase order.


ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira


An employee submits their request. If the request is approved, then Procurement will issue the purchase order, but the process doesn’t end there.  Procurement will want to confirm that the item has been received, inspected and accepted before completing payment.


ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira


Therefore, when they issue the purchase order, a procurement team member might also attach an Acceptance Form to the issue.  The employee who made the request – or an approver or anyone who has been invited to participate on the issue (like the person who receives the delivery) – can access and complete the form via the portal. Thus having verified that delivery was completed, procurement can execute payment and close the issue.


ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira


All of the information associated with the process, from request to completion is recorded on the issue. The information is organized with the original request on one form, verification of delivery on another form, and Procurement’s record of the process recorded on the issue. Teams (anyone with Administer Project permissions) can easily create their forms for themselves and since forms won’t impact your overall Jira instance, it’s perfectly safe to let them do so. Thus, the process above can be put in place without Procurement having to wait for help from an overburdened IT team. 

This is just one process from your Procurement team’s service catalogue that could be built Jira Service Desk. A similar process could be implemented for receiving and evaluating quotes, or for approving petty cash purchases and documenting proof of payment (add an attachment field to the request for receipts, packing lists, etc.). 
Empowering teams like Procurement to manage their business processes in Jira Service Desk using forms for collecting data is a win for everyone. Processes become transparent, accessible and trackable. Teams get the information they need without complicating your Jira instance.