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Open Work, Open Forms: Keeping Forms Open when an Issue is Created

by Jenny Choban on September 4, 2019

If you’re part of the Atlassian world then you know about “Open” – open company, open events, and now forms that stay open. 

Staying Open

Several customers have asked for the ability to keep a form in an Open state, after the form is submitted from the customer portal. We’ve added a form setting that allows you to keep a form open after the user clicks send/create.

Jira Service Desk Forms Then…

Allowing customers to edit their requests from the JSD portal is one of ProForma’s key features.  Making sure agents can find the most updated information in the appropriate fields – not buried in a comment chain – saves time and improves accuracy.  Now we’ve streamlined that process even more.

Previously, agents had to manually reopen forms to make it possible for customers to update/edit their entries.  This makes sense for times when the agent notices an error on a form and wants the customer to correct it. But what if it’s the customer who notices the error? Or what if you’re using a lengthy form that’s going to require some time to complete (and to process)?

And Now

Using the Leave the form open setting streamlines the process by eliminating the need for the agent to manually reopen the form.  Simply go to the form in the form builder and select the Settings tab. Under When issue is created, select Leave the form open. Now customers will be able to continue editing their forms even after creating their request.


ProForma for Jira


When to Stay Open

There are many cases when you may want to leave forms open.

If the request forms is particularly long, customers many need fetch additional information in order to complete the form. Now the customer can create the ticket, allowing the agent to get started on their work, while the customer gathers the additional information needed to complete the form. There’s no need for comments going back and forth asking the agent to reopen the form.

Along with allowing agents to get a head start on complex requests, this is also a great fit for iterative processes. Need to go back and forth on the content of a creative brief? Does the form include a checklist of items that are completed at different points in time? Now you can simply leave the form open until all you have finalized information.

These are some of the use cases we heard from customers, but we’re sure you’ll discover some of your own. Give it a try.