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Marketing Jira Service Desk

Why Jira Service Desk is Marvelous for Marketing Teams

by Jenny Choban on March 12, 2019

Keeping everyone on brand can feel a little like herding cats. The only way to really secure your brand is to let Marketing - the people who know how to create and deliver powerful, consistent, messaging - control what goes out.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


The trouble is that it creates a lot of work. Individuals departments want brochures, website changes and press releases.  Everyone wants what they want right now. Marketing needs a tool that helps them collect the information they need to respond to requests, as well as a workflow to ensure that everything gets done before the deadline.

 What JSD Can Do for Marketing Teams

Frequently repeated processes like updating the website or overseeing use of the organization’s logo can end up taking up a lot of time. Jira Service Desk offers a way to manage those processes without losing hours of time combing through email chains or making follow-up phone calls when you didn’t get all the information you needed the first time. In fact, the same features that make JSD a great tool for IT teams can also benefit Marketing teams:

  • Queues make it easy to direct requests to the designated staff member and to ensure that the highest priority items get attended to first
  • Jira’s end to end issue tracking makes sure that there is always a record of who did what, when- so you can see where you’re at and where you need to go
  • You can set JSD requests to require manager approval, keeping everyone in the chain of command on track and on message
  • Team leaders can use JSD metrics to see how often specific requests types occur and how much time is needed to resolve them, and can allocate resources accordingly
  • Anyone associated with an issue can check its real time status online, reducing phone calls, emails and other interruptions

ProForma & Jira for Marketing

Marketing teams face unique challenges in controlling the messaging that goes out from large organizations.  Applying a request management solution that was originally developed for IT may seem counter intuitive. After all, marketing doesn’t care about what browser you were using when you got that weird error message. They care about creating copy that will attract new clients, or pulling off a top-notch event without any hitches.

So how can Marketing collect the information they need to respond to requests, produce assets and keep everyone on brand? There are several ways you can adapt Jira Service Desk for Marketing teams.

One is to ask people to include the needed information in the Description field. This can be a bit iffy. If you need several pieces of data (what information to include in a brochure; how many brochures to print; date they need to be ready, etc.) people often remember to put in one, but forget another.

You could ask your Jira administrator to create custom fields for the information the Marketing team needs. The challenge is that there are a lot of different processes and you could end up with a whole jungle of custom fields. That won’t make your Jira Administrator happy and eventually all that custom field chaos can have a negative impact on JIRA’s performance. 

One of the best ways to get the information you need when someone places a request is to have them submit a form.  You can attach a form to a JIRA request, but the process is a bit cumbersome and there is always the risk that someone will submit an old version of the form that they saved on their hard drive years ago.  This is why ThinkTilt created ProForma. ProForma lets Marketing teams to create and deploy forms directly within Jira. Forms embedded in Jira issues means teams are empowered to collect complete, structured and validated information on every JSD request. Customers can edit their requests (Oops! I need 500 brochures, not 5000!) from the portal, or submit additional forms on the same request for handling complex processes.

If you're wondering when your Marketing team would have the time to create all of those forms, fear not. ProForma offers a library of ready to use, purpose-built forms and process templates, including a suite of templates for Marketing teams.  Each template can be easily customized to fit your team’s needs.  

Making marketing processes more streamlined and efficient will not only make your marketing team happy, it will help keep everyone in the organization on brand.