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Jira Service Desk vs. the Status Quo

by Jenny Choban on April 16, 2018
Kerry needs access to one of the organization’s systems for a project she's working on. The procedure requires that she complete a form agreeing to the terms of use. She needs to get approval from her supervisor, as well as from the Project Manager (who will provide her with the needed login credentials).


The Old (Current?) Way

Kerry completes a PDF form. She has done this before so she just grabs the copy of the form that she’s saved to her hard drive rather than downloading the form from the shared admin drive. (Hopefully, Kerry’s copy is still current, but she won’t know for sure until after she has submitted it.) Kerry fills out the form, prints it, signs it, scans it, and then emails it as an attachment to her supervisor for approval.

The supervisor (eventually) finds Kerry's email in her inbox. In order to document her approval she has to print the attachment, sign it, scan it again and then email the twice-signed, twice-scanned document to the Project Manager.

The Project Manager. will (You guessed it!) print the attachment, sign the form, scan it and email it back to Kerry with the access credentials she needs.

Let’s examine the shortcomings of this process. First of all, there’s an awful lot of printing, signing, scanning going on which is a pain for everyone. Then there’s the delivery system. Kerry’s supervisor gets a lot of email, so much so that she doesn’t always get through it all. Kerry is anxious to have her request approved and unsure that her supervisor saw the email. So she leaves a voicemail message reminding her supervisor that she emailed the form and needs to have it approved.

Kerry’s supervisor has back to back meeting today and will be luck if she gets 15 minutes at her desk. She needs to listen to voicemail, check her email, print the attachment, sign it, scan it and email it. And that’s just for Kerry. What about all of the other customers, employees and partners needing her attention?

While waiting, Kerry does not know the status of her request. Did her supervisor get her message? Should she check and see if her request has been passed to the Project Manager yet? She hates to bother him, but she really needs to be sure this gets taken care of today.

The Same Process in Jira Service Desk

Kerry goes to the customer portal and clicks on the link that say “Request Access”. A form opens on her screen, asking for all of the needed information and allowing Kerry to include all of the specifics. Kerry fills out submits the form. Jira has recorded who submitted the form, so her signature is not necessary.

ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Kerry’s supervisor receives a notification that there’s a request awaiting her approval. She can see all of the details of Kerry’s request right there on the screen. Seeing that everything is appropriate, she clicks "Approve".


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Kerry checks in on her request and sees that it has been approved and passed to the Project Manager.

Now the Project Manager. receives the request. He can see all of the information Kerry submitted, as well as the fact that her supervisor has approved the request. So he adds the access credentials Kerry needs and marks the request as "Resolved".  Kerry receives the notification that her request has been approved and completed.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


There’s none of the print-scan-sign circus, so a lot less hassle. Kerry could see the status of her request, so she didn’t feel compelled to send follow-up emails or make disruptive phone calls to find out where her request was in the process. All of the transactions that took place related to the request – who submitted what, when, and who approved what, when – are recorded in Jira and can be referenced, queried and reported on.

In this way, Jira Service Desk can make any process more efficient. Any team that handles requests – HR, Finance, Facilities, etc. – can do so in Jira Service Desk.  Combining Jira Service Desk with ProForma makes it easy to add all of the process-specific fields needed to the Jira request. Thus, HR can use Jira to get the information it needs for advertising a new position and Facilities can use Jira to get the information it needs for granting building access. Service teams who get the information they need provide faster service, which is good news for Kerry, and you.