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Riding the Wave: Jira Service Desk for ESM

by Jenny Choban on March 7, 2019

It was exciting news when Atlassian was sited as one of the 12 best Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions in the Q3 2018 Forrester Wave™. And we agree – Jira Service Desk is a great ESM solution, especially when you pair it with ProForma. But before we make the case as to why you should expand your use of JSD, let’s consider what we mean by ESM.

Forrester Wave – Enterprise Service Management


What is Enterprise Service Management


Enterprise Service Management is the practice of applying an ITSM framework to non-IT, service teams across the organization.  The expansion of ITSM practices is driven by the desire, and some times need, for service teams to provide a better customer experience. We’ve all been there, urgently awaiting an answer from an overwhelmed HR or Finance department that doesn’t have efficient tools for managing their high volume of requests.


Which teams should you extend a service management solution to? The truth is that virtually every team is a service team. In many organizations, non-tech teams are already using Jira Service Desk, eliminating the shared inbox and moving towards a model that allows them to become proactive and predictive rather than reactive.


ProForma Forms & Checklists for Jira

Why use Jira Service Desk and ProForma for ESM?


There are several reasons why your organization should consider JSD for their ESM solution:

  • JSD is flexible enough that it can be adapted to cover a multitude of processes, frequently without coding or heavy configurations.


  • JSD is also significantly more affordable and has a simpler, more predictable pricing model than competing ESM products.

  • While the greatest need, and therefore the focus, tends to be on service management, ESM includes the entire ITSM framework. Change, incident and problem management also need to be considered. Since JSD is built on Jira, it is especially suited for DevOps, and easily integrates with products like StatuspageOpsGenie and Jira Ops. Further examples of Atlassian's ITSM offering – such as change management and asset management – can be found in their ebook, Tips to make a lean, mean, ITSM machine, and the strategies offered by applied to teams beyond IT.

  • If you are already using Jira or Jira Service Desk for your development or IT ops teams, then you already have the expertise you need in-house.  Coupling JSD with the right apps (more about that in a minute) means you can convert teams to JSD without complicating your Jira configurations.


Jira Service Desk and ProForma


The Forrester report noted that the availability of Marketplace apps is a differentiator that makes Jira Service Desk a more flexible and strategic options for addressing ESM. One of those apps is ProForma – an integrated form builder that lets teams build rich forms that embed in Jira issues/requests. This means teams can collect customized, process-specific information without requiring custom fields or complex configurations.  Together, Jira Service Desk and ProForma address the needs of service teams:

  • A way for their customers to reach them – the JSD Help Center means your internal customers can go to one place, and use one system, regardless of which help desk they’re accessing.

  • A centralized system for managing requests – Teams across your organization can manage their requests in queues that are set up to optimize for accuracy and efficiency.

  • A place to show off what they can do – Each team can display their service catalogue on the JSD portal, making it easy for their customers to find and submit the appropriate request type.

  • The ability to collect all of the right information from a moment a request is placed –This is where ProForma comes in.  Collecting the right information up front empowers service teams to provide one-touch service. Forms which have been designed with a specific process in mind prompt customers to include the needed information. Imagine getting all of the information you need every time a request comes in. No more waiting for the customer to get back to you. No more digging through comment chains. Service agents always get the information they need.


ProForma Forms & Checklists for Jira


Using ProForma enhances your ability to provide a better customer experience – which is the overarching goal of Enterprise Service Management. Along with getting the right information on every request, ProForma lets customers edit/update their requests from the portal and lets agents include additional forms (either for gathering follow-up information from the customer, or for internal team tracking) on the same request.  Better use of the portal leads to better service management, and that leads to a better customer experience.

Why not combine ProForma and Jira Service Desk for your ESM solution?