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Empowering Service Teams with Multiple Forms on a Single Jira Request

by Jenny Choban on August 2, 2018

ProForma is designed to help you easily collect, view and organize all of the information you need on a Jira issue – without wading through long comment chains or having to parse out multiple pieces of information lumped together in a description field. Forms are a particularly potent tool for service teams using JSD. After all, getting the right information up front is the key to limiting work in progress and providing one-touch service.  ProForma lets teams get all of the process-specific, detailed information they need to manage a request.

But sometimes fulfilling a request may not be the end of the story. A service team may want to collect more information from the customer after the request has been fulfilled. Or the members of the service team may need to add more internal information to the issue themselves.  In either case – as with the original request – the ability to prompt for the correct information and to receive the data in a structured format, validate for your business rules, improves accuracy and saves time. Today we are pleased to announce that we’ve expanded the way teams can use the ability to include multiple forms on a single request, by giving you the ability to designate forms as internal or external

Note that these are now available if you’re using ProForma for Jira Cloud and Server. If you're using the server, you will need to update to version 4.1.1

What It Means

What does this new functionality mean for teams using ProForma and Jira Service Desk?

  • Forms can either be internal (accessible only on the issue) or external (accessible on the issue or via the JSD customer portal)

  • Forms can be changed between internal and external

  • More than one external form can be included on the JSD customer portal for a given request

  • Customers or approvers can fill out or edit external forms from the customer portal


How It Works 

When adding a form to an issue, the agent has the option to make the form Internal or External. (Note that there is an icon on the left depicting either an E or an I to indicate the form’s current setting.) 

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields fo Jira


Internal forms are only available to members of the service team working with the issue. Internal forms can be edited, submitted and deleted as before. This is a useful way to ensure record the details associated with a team’s internal processing.

When an external forms is added to an issue, it becomes visible to the original requestor on the JSD portal. The requestor, or an approver, can fill in and edit the form from there. This makes it easy to  collect follow-up information on a request.

Note that the internal/external setting is to be used when a form is already on an issue, as in when a JSD request has already been submitted. This is different from publishing a “portal form” to collect the initial information associated with a given request type. Follow the directions here to publish portal forms and attach them to JSD request types.

Use Case - Approval to Attend a Conference


  1.  Request to Approval to Attend a Conference.

Let’s consider an example of how this might be used. Simon wants to attend Atlassian Summit. He goes to the customer portal, selects the Attend a conference request type, fills in the form and submits his request.

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields fo Jira


2.  Request is approved. The agent attaches additional forms to the issue.

Simon’s request is approved (we think Summit is a valuable event). HR adds a form to the issue to track data for their internal processing. This forms is set as internal. Simon goes to the conference in Barcelona. Upon his return, he is expected to complete a trip report to share his learnings with co-workers. So the agent also attaches the trip report, setting it as external.

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields fo Jira


3.  Customer completes follow-up forms on the portal. 

Simon accesses the form on the customer portal and inputs his information. Now the agent has Simon’s original request, the internal processing form and Simon's completed trip report, visible and organized on the Jira issue.

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields fo Jira


Up Next: Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields are next on our list of ProForma features and we hope to have them ready when we head to Summit in September. You’ll be able to personalize forms by using conditional logic to enable/disable form questions or sections based on a previous response.  This will make improve data quality and make your forms more user-friendly. If you want to see what else we have on deck, check out our quarterly Roadmap.