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Simple Jira Administration & Tailored Service with ProForma

by Jenny Choban on March 14, 2018

Every business process is driven by data. Whether you’re responding to a request for an invoice or giving an employee a well-deserved pay raise, you need to collect, transfer and record information. Jira is a great tool for doing that. Jira with ProForma is even better.Simplify_jira_service_desk_administration-1

Simplify Jira Administration

ProForma is a Jira add-on that makes it easy to create forms that embed in Jira issues. Every field that’s included on a ProForma form is a field you don’t need to add to the issue, resulting in:

Fewer issue types: The same issue type can be used for more purposes.  Any form (or forms) can be attached to an issue, carrying the unique collection of fields that a particular business process requires.

Fewer Jira custom fields: Atlassian has noted that a large number of custom fields can have a negative impact on Jira performance. Fields on a ProForma form will not have that affect. Custom fields don’t just slow down your instance. They create a lot of extra work configuring screens and schemes. All of that goes away when you include the fields you need on form instead. Plus, you've created a template which can be reused or modified.

Easier viewing / navigation of the issue: The fields on a form are displayed in an organized fashion on the Jira issue. You can also attach multiple forms to an issue making it fast and easy to find specific types of information by opening the appropriate form.

JSD Portal Forms Tailored to Every Service

Forms are the secret to making JSD adaptable to any team. Different processes require different pieces of information. If teams have to rely on customers to put all of the pertinent data in a description field, some things are going to be missed. It’s just too easy to forget an important detail if you’re not being prompted. 

On the receiving end, the fact that multiple bits of information are lumped together in one field requires agents to parse out the pieces they need, identify gaps in the required information and go back to the customer with more questions. Both your agents and your customers could be spending that time on higher value work.

Compare that with having a request form that:

 Collects information specific to the business processes / request type

 Uses validation to enforce the service team’s business rules

 Enables teams to build the steps necessary for compliance into their processes

 Provides service teams with easy access to aggregate data on the specifics of a given request type.

Who Can Use ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira

The ProForma app makes it easy to bring business teams into Jira. Since fields on forms will not impact the performance or functionality of your Jira instance, it’s perfectly okay to delegate form building to the teams themselves. (Not only okay, but appropriate! They know their service catalogue and the data that’s required for each process.)

In the interest of making things easier for them and you, we’ve created a library of Jira Service Desk process templates which include a request type, portal form, workflow and any needed secondary forms all in one install. These process template  were purpose-built in consultation with industry experts. Templates have been created for:

Human Resources
Project Management
Risk / Hazard Management

teams, and any ProForma form can be easily modified to meet you organization’s specific requirements. This is a great way to help teams move their processes out of email and into a service desk where they can enjoy features like access to real-time status, analytics and end-to-end traceability.