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More Question Types, Advanced Validation, Better Forms

by Jenny Choban on August 29, 2019

Powerful things can come in mundane packages. Forms don’t sound particularly sexy, but they have no equal for gathering data.  Now your ProForma forms can be even better. We’ve added new question types and new validation options, as well as a streamlined process for saving and submitting forms on Jira issues.

New Question Types

To kick things off we have expanded our questions types. The form builder now lets you create:

  • Email
  • URL
  • User Lookup (single or group)

question types, making it easy to gather contact information. User Lookup fields can be linked to Jira CAB, Approvers, Requestor and Assignee fields and more options are yet to come.


ProForma for Jira

Pattern Matching Validation

ProForma now lets you use pattern matching to validate and format text fields. Regular Expressions (regex) are sequences of characters that define a search pattern in text. They can be used to validate text based on complex criteria, and match common text patterns like phone numbers and IP addresses. This gives you the flexibility to include virtually any text based pattern on a ProForma form. Use this functionality to collect:

  • Account numbers
  • Phone number
  • IP addresses
  • Currency amounts
  • References to ISO standards 

How to Use Pattern Matching in ProForma

When you create a text question, click the Must match pattern check box and add the expression you want to validate against. Finally, add the message your users will see if the validation fails.

Note that you can use the Description property to provide your users with instructions or examples to help them format their responses correctly.

ProForma for Jira


Once you have created a form that uses Regex validation, be sure to test it. When the form is submitted, ProForma will ensure that the regex is valid. It the regex is not valid, you will see a message that says, "The regex pattern on this question is not valid. Answer unable to be validated".  At this point, you need to return to the form builder and fix the regex pattern. If your form is deployed with invalid regex, then users will not be able to submit the form.


Saving & Submitting Forms on Issues

Last but not least, we've streamlined the process for saving and submitting forms on issues. You no longer have to Save, Close and Submit.  There's now a handy little button that lets you Save and Submit in one go.  Alternatively, if you've not yet finished filling out a form, you can click Save and come back later. Your form responses will be preserved, but not submitted.

ProForma for Jira

Multilingual Support

We have also added the structure for providing multilingual support for forms and the forms interface on the portal and issue/request pages. This means the the user interface and validation error messages can be displayed in Japanese, French, etc. The caveat is that we do not currently have complete translation files for languages other than English. If you would like us to prioritize our translations efforts, please let us know which language you require and we'll be happy to get to work on it.

Other Enhancements

We have also reworked how the forms and forms list appear on issues. Forms now scale to accommodate Jira Cloud’s new issue view.Usability has been enhanced by making it easier for users to know which form they are viewing and whether they are in View / Edit or Preview mode. Finally, we have eliminated a distracting effect of the page shifting when validation messages were shown or hidden.


More to Come...

This is just beginning. A lot more improvements will be coming to the Form Builder in the upcoming weeks. But we want your input. Give the new functionality a try and lets us know what you think, and what you'd like to see.