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HR Use Case: New Hire Onboard

by Simon Herd on March 4, 2019

Team: HR

HR needs to manage that all new hires are correctly set up and ready to go when they start.  IT and Operations need to provide their relevant support such as equipment, desks and access to ensure everything is ready to go.


Typical Issue Life Cycle:

  1. A staff member submits a request using the New Hire Onboard form.HRWorkFlow

  2. HR performs an INITIAL REVIEW, if the form is complete they change the request status to IN PROGRESS

  3. Two forms are automatically added to the request

    IT New Hire Onboard Checklist - for IT equipment set up by IT Department

    Operations New Hire Onboard Checklist - for Office set up by Operations

  4. Key HR, IT and Operations nominated people are notified when request reaches IN PROGRESS.  

  5. IT and Operations team members commence work.  They complete the relevant checklist and then submit their form.  

  6. When both forms are completed and submitted, the request status changes to FINAL REVIEW.

  7. The HR team accesses the issue, reviews all work and completes HR Final Review form.  The HR team can decide to make all forms accessible to the requestor by marking the key forms "EXTERNAL".  

  8. When the HR Finale Review form is submitted, the request changes to RESOLVED.  If the HR form is not submitted, the request cannot be resolved. 

  9. The New Hire is ready to go.

Forms used:

  • New Hire Onboard
  • IT New Hire Onboard Checklist
  • Operations New Hire Onboard Checklist
  • HR Final Review 


  • Jira Service Desk (using JSD Portal)
  • Jira Software (using Issue Forms)
  • Jira Core (using Issue Forms)

Key Actions

  1. Set up ProForma automation on the IT and Equipment Checklists forms to automatically add them when the request changes to IN PROGRESS.

  2. Set up JSD Automation to automatically notify the nominated IT and Operations team members when the request changes to IN PROGRESS. 

  3. Set up ProForma automation to transition to FINAL REVIEW upon submission of both IT and Operations checklists.  

  4. Set up ProForma automation on the HR Final Review Form to automatically transition to RESOLVED on form submit

  5. Choose to display the IT and Operations Check lists if required, other send a comment to the requestor to advise on work undertaken.

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