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HR Use Case: New Hire Onboard

by Simon Herd on March 16, 2020

Team: HR

HR needs to manage new hires, ensuring that everything is set up for them to begin work.  In this example HR,  IT and Operations work in a shared JSD project to ensure all onboarding tasks get completed for new employees.


Typical Issue Life Cycle:

  1. A supervisor submits a  New Hire Onboard request form from the JSD portal. 

  2. When the form is submitted, the request is automatically transitioned to the WORK COMMENCED status.  
    ProForma for Jira HR Workflow
  3. Three forms are automatically added to the request when it reaches the WORK COMMENCED status:
    1. HR Onboarding Checklist - for HR paperwork
    2. Operations  Onboarding Checklist - for Office set up, keys, parking, etc. 
    3. IT  Onboarding Checklist - for IT equipment and networking set up 

  4. Key HR, IT and Operations staff are notified when request reaches WORK COMMENCED.  

  5. HR, IT and Operations team members commence work, logging results and on the checklists and submitting the forms when their work is completed.  

  6. When all three of the checklists have been submitted, the request is automatically changed to the FINAL REVIEW status.

  7. The HR team accesses the issue, reviews all work ensuring that it is complete.  The HR team can decide to make any of the forms accessible to the requestor by setting the form to "EXTERNAL".  

  8. Upon completion, HR transitions the request to DONE.  A workflow validator prevents the transition unless all forms on the request have been submitted.

Forms used:

  • Onboard Request
  • HR Onboarding Checklist
  • IT Onboarding Checklist
  • Operations Onboarding Checklist 


  • Jira Service Desk (using JSD Portal)
  • Jira Software (using Issue Forms)
  • Jira Core (using Issue Forms)

Key Actions

  1. Set up ProForma automation on the HR, IT and Operations Checklists forms to automatically add to the request when the issue reaches the WORK COMMENCED status.
  2. Set up Jira Service Desk automation to automatically notify the nominated HR, IT and Operations team members of work to be done. 
  3. Set up ProForma automation to change the status to FINAL REVIEW when all forms have been submitted.
  4. Set up a workflow validator that prevents the issue from being closed unless all forms on the issue are submitted.
  5. Choose to display the IT and Operations Checklists on the portal to share information with the requestor.

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