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How We Handle Support Requests and Bug Reports

by Simon Herd on July 12, 2017

UPDATED 26 JULY: We have now launched our status page available at 


Ever feel like your support requests go into a black hole? At ThinkTilt we are committed to providing first class customer service and the support you need to make the most out of ProForma. We’ve implemented a number of systems to ensure a quick response and resolution to your requests. Here’s how they work.

Lodging a Support Request

Knowing that different people work in different ways, we provide multiple channels for lodging a request for support:

  • You can email us at
  • You can submit your request via our support portal 
  • Or, rare among add-ons, you can contact us from within the app using the Support & Feedback widget

What Happens Next?

ThinkTilt uses JIRA Service Desk and Intercom to handle support queries. The support team receives an immediate notification in our HipChat support room. A member of the support team is assigned to oversee/investigate the query. If it is a business day and between 7am and 9pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, we aim to respond within minutes or at the minimum you can expect to hear back from us within three hours of lodging a non-emergency (system outage) request.

How We Respond

How we respond to your query will depend on the complexity of the problem you’re reporting. If there’s a simple solution that’s described in our documentation, we’ll point you to the right place and include any extra tips that might be helpful. For more complex problems, a member of our support team will:

  • Contact you for more information, if needed.
  • If we know the answer to your issue, we'll give you a detailed explanation of how to fix the problem. We will also add this explanation to our documentation to help prevent other customers from having the same problem in the future.
  • If an issues requires a more complex explanation, we may schedule a call with screen sharing in order to walk you through it. Alternatively, we may send you a short video which has been custom made to demonstrate the solution to your problem.
  • Since ProForma runs on JIRA, there may be occasions when a change in JIRA or another Atlassian component (such as the AUI) causes ProForma to malfunction. If we believe that this is the case, we will escalate the issue to Atlassian and work closely with them until the problem is resolved. This process may take more time. We will keep posted on our progress and will offer a work around whenever possible.

When a bug is reported, our support team puts on their thinking caps to see if there is a work around they can give you while we investigate the problem. We try to recreate the bug (we might contact you for more information if we need to), evaluate the severity of the problem and set a priority for addressing it. When we’ve developed a fix, we deploy it in our testing environment to make sure the problem is actually solved and doesn't cause any others. Once the fix is ready to go we deploy it into production.

An Ounce of Prevention…

ThinkTilt created ProForma in an effort to make doing business easier for you. As such, we want to do everything we can to avoid you encountering a problem or getting stuck on an issue. Along with good old-fashioned customer service, we employ a variety of approaches to help ensure that things run smoothly. Our efforts include:

  • Detailed documentation: Clear, thorough documentation of the ProForma add-on at
  • Support staff: Accessible support staff who are happy to help with any issue, simple or complex.
  • Continuous testing - we use GhostInspector to run tests on ProForma every four hours to ensure that critical functions are behaving as expected. If there is a change in JIRA that has a negative impact on performance, we can (hopefully) identify and address it before it causes problems for our customers.
  • Performance monitoring - we use Sentry and Papertrail. These monitor our systems and handle our logs so that we are notified of any performance issues.
  • Analytics - We use FullStory and other analytic tools to monitor how customers are using our systems and our website. If we notice someone struggling, we make proactive changes in an effort to resolve the problem without the customer having to raise a request.

Talk to Us

We want to hear from you! If you are having trouble with ProForma or any aspect of our system we are here to help. We’re also interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions. We file all customer suggestions and use them to inform further development. We’re all in this thing together and we hope that working together, we can deliver a great product that will truly transform how your team does business.

Room to improve

Shortly we will roll out our own StatusPage page so that you can see at a glance what the status of our cloud instances are.