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Are You Ready for Enterprise Service Management?

by Jenny Choban on July 11, 2018

There’s starting to be a bit of buzz about Enterprise Service Management (ESM) – with good reason.  Applying the lessons learned in ITSM is a great way for organizations to improve internal and external service, streamline process and save money.  Teams like HR, Marketing, Finance and Facilities can use technology to manage requests, predict demand, manage change and swarm when there’s a crisis. 

Atlassian tools, particularly Jira Service Desk, are a great fit for ESM. Preparing your Jira instance and your business teams with a well-thought out implementation plan will make the rollout run smoother for everyone.


Preparing the Way for ESM

If your organization is planning to move multiple teams to an ESM model based on Jira Service Desk, then as a Jira Administrator, you might feel both excited and apprehensive about the times ahead. You can set the stage for a successful rollout by preparing your Jira instance, setting up a plan for ongoing governance and identifying which add-ons you want to use.

Start by making sure your Jira instance is in good health.  Archive old projectsclean up custom fields and identify a few basic workflows that can be used for almost any process. Atlassian is making it possible for you to pass more admin duties off to Project Administrators.  Now is the time to set those Project Administrators up for success.

This is also a time to think about Jira governance. As more teams come into Jira, there will be more decisions to be made about what types of data to collect and store, what Jira assets to create and which add-ons to allowConsider setting up a board, to handle these types of decisions.

One add-on that will make implementing JSD for service teams easier is ProFormaProForma lets you create forms that embed in Jira issues/requests. Since fields that are included on the form don’t need to be added to the issue, using ProForma greatly reduces the need for custom fields. It simultaneously allows teams to capture the process-specific information they need, in a structured way, the first time a customer places a request.

Jira Service Desk ESM Implementation Plan

Create an implementation plan and bring teams into ESM with a phased approach. Start small by building a few key services into Jira. Then iterate. With each iteration, the process should become easier, with Project Administrators from the team able to do more of the onboarding themselves. Eventually, the team will be able to move process from their service catalogue into Jira Service Desk with minimal assistance.

Create an implementation plan that identifies:

Who - Who will be the key players working on this project. Will you engage a Solution Partner? Will someone from your Jira support team be assigned to oversee the implementation? Which member of the business team will serve as the Project Administrator? What other team members should be included?

When - What is the timeline for the implementation? What are the milestones?

What - What processes will be built into Jira Service Desk on the first iteration? Encourage teams to select items from their service catalogue that:

  • Are frequently requested;
  • Take up disproportionate amounts of time;
  • That are easy to get wrong or aren’t working particularly well right now.

How - Now work out the nuts and bolts of  your implementation plan. Does the team want to change any of the processes before their built into Jira? How should the team’s queues be structured? Who will build the forms (Since forms do not affect your overall Jira configuration, it’s perfectly safe to delegate form creation to Project Administrators)? What will the procedure be for bringing more items from the team’s service catalogue into Jira in the future?

We’ve created a 10 step plan to help you through the nuts and bolts of converting adjacent teams to Jira Service Desk. Moving teams to ESM will make your organization more effective. Making it happen will make you a hero.