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Paper Chase: Better Document Tracking in Jira

by Jenny Choban on April 9, 2018
As much as we like to talk about going paperless, we still haven’t gotten away from paperwork. For many teams, drafting, editing and approving documents is a core function of their work, making your document tracking system an important organizational asset. Documents exist because of their content, but they also have a lot of other properties that have to be tracked:
  • Version
  • Reviewed and approved by
  • Date they go into affect
  • Distribution list
  • Where they live on your system (Confluence perhaps?)
  • Required signatures
  • Expiration date, etc.

Putting a document through all of the needed steps and tracking the document through its lifecycle requires careful monitoring, making the process a perfect fit for Jira. In fact, Jira Core now includes a business template for Document Approval.

Document Tracking & Approval

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira

But what about all those properties noted above? Do you really want to lump all of those pieces of critical information together in a description field? Probably not. Creating custom fields isn’t the greatest solution either. Too many custom fields and you’ll have a spaghetti plate to manage. They may even have a negative impact on Jira performance. 

Enter the form. Forms embedded in Jira issues are a great way to track process-specific (or document-specific) pieces of information without requiring custom fields.

ProForma allows you to attach multiple forms to an issue, making it easy to accommodate those cases where more than one team (Legal, Finance, HR) may need to participate in drafting and approving a document.

ProForma Form & Process Templates

If you’re using ProForma, the app for creating forms embedded in Jira issues, you can take advantage of the ProForma template library. The library includes hundreds of forms and Jira Service Desk process templates for common business processes including document processing. Each template was developed in consultation with industry experts and can be easily modified to match your team’s work style. If you’re using Jira Service Desk, our process templates include a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed supporting forms – all in one easy install.

Among the processes you’ll find are:

Not finding what you need? ProForma’s intuitive form builder makes it easy to create forms that collect all the information needed for your processes. You can add as many fields and as much instruction as needed.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Then your form can either be published to the Jira Service Desk customer portal or attached to a Jira issue. Not only have you collected the needed information, you now have a workflow to carry you through the process with the efficiency, traceability and accountability Jira is known for.

Perhaps some day we will truly have a paper-free workplaces, but we will never have a document-free workplaces. Documentation is key to keeping people informed, processes transparent and asses covered. Thus, one is well-advised to handle their document tracking in a tool they know and trust.