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A New Way to Create Jira Issues

by Jenny Choban on December 6, 2018

Forms are a great way to collect and organize data. With our latest release, ProForma now allows you to use forms to create Jira issues.


A New Way to Create Jira Issues…

Jira works for tracking, well, just about anything. The reason it’s so flexible is that you can include any data you want on a Jira issue. But all of the data can get confusing. Agents have to spend a lot of time scrolling to find the fields that are relevant to them. The more data you include, the hairier it gets. 

That’s why ThinkTilt introduced ProForma. ProForma lets you create forms that embed in Jira issues. You can include as many fields as needed on a ProForma form and can add as many forms as needed to an issue.  It’s a great way to have all of the information you need on an issue, structured and organized for the way your team works. 

You can publish ProForma forms to the Jira Service Desk portal in which case the a request is created when the user submits the form, or you can manually add the forms to an existing issue/request. Many of our customers who were using ProForma in Jira Software and Business projects said that they would like to be able to create Jira issues directly from a form. So, we are pleased to introduce Issue Forms.  This gives your users the ability to access a ProForma form from the Jira navigation bar. Once the user has completed and submitted the form, an issue is generated. No more having to create the issue, then manually add the form. Now you get both in one go. 

Creating Jira Issues from Forms…


Makes Life Easy for your Users
Users can access the forms easily, without searching out projects and issues (which can be especially challenging for issues that don’t exist yet). They simply click on Issue Forms in the Jira navigation bar, select the appropriate Jira Project from the dropdown, then select the form. They can complete the form right there. Once submitted, the form creates a Jira issue, with the form included, in the designated project.


Ensures You have the Right Data from the Start

Jira works best when you have all of the information you need on an issue, but adding fields to issue types can contribute to custom field bloatLINK. Including fields on a ProForma form is fast and easy (no complex configuration required) and won’t impact Jira’s performance. You can set form fields as required and can link form fields to Jira fields. Thus, when an issue is created from a form, you can be assured that the issue includes all of the needed information.


Saves You Time

Before, you had to create the issue, add the form, fill out the form and submit the form.  Now you can do it all in one go!


Jira Issue Forms  How It Works


Jira administrators can choose whether or not to enable this ProForma feature. Note that this feature is disabled by default.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira



If enabled:


    1. The user selects Issue Forms from the navigation bar.

      ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

    2. The user selects the appropriate Jira project from a dropdown menu, then selects the indicated form. (Alternatively, the user can use the search bar to search for the indicated form).

      ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

    3. The user fills out the form then clicks Create.

      ProForma Formst & Custom Fields for Jira

    4. Presto! You now have a new Jira issue which includes the form.
ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


In Other News…

With this release, we also launched in-app tips to help new users get started using ProForma. We’ll also be using in-app communication (sparingly- we know too much can be annoying) to keep you informed about updates to ProForma.

ThinkTilt has also updated its Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy