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Controlling Who Sees What with Internal/External Forms

by Jenny Choban on August 13, 2018

Using Jira Service Desk to Make Services More Accessible

Empowering non-tech teams with Jira Service Desk is a great way to streamline and standardized  processes, and to improve the relationship between your internal support teams and their customers. ProForma Forms & Fields for Jira makes it easy for teams to create forms that collect all of the fields they need for a given request type, without burdening the Jira Administrator. Features like being able to include more than one form per request on the customer portal, and the ability to control who can edit form contents allow service teams to manage complex, multi-step processes. Let’s look at an example:

An Operations team has created a request type and form that employees can use to request that items (furnishings, etc.) be evaluated for possible replacement. Joe doesn’t like his desk and thinks it’s time for a new one. He goes to the Jira Service Desk portal, navigates to the Operations section and submits a request to have his desk approved for replacements.

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira


Upon seeing his request in the queue, operations sends out a team member (Karen) to look at Joe’s desk. After completing the inspection, Karen adds an inspection form with the results of her inspection to the issue.


ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira 

The Shortcut for Controlling Who Sees What Fields in Jira

ProForma allows teams to designate forms as either internal or external. Forms can also be open (editable), submitted (can only be edited if a service agent reopens the form) or locked (cannot be reopened or edited).  Using these features, service agents can control who can see and change forms - without requiring that the Jira administrator add or remove fields from Jira screens. In this case, Karen wants Joe to be able to see the results of the inspection, but not make any changes. So she submits the form and then sets it external.

Joe can now see the completed inspection form on the customer portal.


 ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira

Using the internal/external settings makes it easy to gather and share information between agents and customers. The data is structured and organized rather than being lumped together in a a description field, or strung out over a long comment chain.  All of the data is organized on the issue and service agents can easily control which forms customers have access to.  Best of all members of the service team (anyone with Administer Project permissions) can build, publish and maintain their forms themselves, without requiring Jira admin support. This puts control of data collection where it belongs – in the hands of the people who use the data.


Building their service catalogue into Jira Service Desk gives the operations team an efficient way to manage their processes and interact with their customers. It’s also a win for the Jira administrator, as teams can collect exactly the data they need without requiring Jira custom fields, new screens or complex configurations. Adjacent teams become better able to manage their processes and your job becomes easier.