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ProForma: Fewer Disputes, Faster Collection, Better B2B Relations

by Jenny Choban on October 11, 2017

The members of your legal team are some of the most specialized people in your organization. They protect the business and everyone in it. And like every team, they have customers and requests to respond to.

Clearly, you want to empower with this team with the tools they need to manage their work in the most effective, efficient and accurate way possible. Just such a tool may be at your fingertips. In fact, it’s possible that you already have the tool your legal team needs.


Why Jira’s a Good Fit for Legal Teams

Effective contract management means fewer disputes. Agreements can be put in place, and collected on, in a more timely manner. Legal teams can easily track the progress of a given contract or see how many contracts are waiting to be signed, needing to be amended, pending renewal, etc. In the end, properly managed contracts result in an increased bottom line, reduced risk and better business relationships.

Legal teams manage legal agreements (and occasionally, legal disagreements). Management of those agreements can be broken down into steps which can be controlled using the proper tools:

  • Contact generation
  • Negotiation
  • Approval/Execution
  • Compliance
  • Amendments
  • Analyze, review and report

Each of these stages in the contract lifecycle connects to the previous and subsequent stage, dependent on certain conditions in order to be transitioned. Sound familiar? One could say that a contract lifecycle looks an awful lot like a Jira workflow.

This is a great example of Jira’s flexibility. Your organization doesn’t need to buy expensive, specialized software for every team. A tool you already know and love can be expanded beyond IT and used to streamline processes for teams across your organization.

Manage Requests While You Manage Contracts

However, legal teams don’t just work with contracts. They work with the people behind and on the other side of those contracts. Like any team, your legal team can benefit from a streamlined system for managing and responding to requests. Empowering your legal team with Jira Service Desk gives them a simple tool for prioritizing, managing and responding to requests, as well as for tracking contracts.

The challenge is that Jira Service Desk was originally built for IT teams. The request types, and the data that your legal team would need to collect in order to fulfill those requests is different from the data that typically accompanies an IT service request. A request for an NDA is different from a request for a new user account.

This is where we can help. We’ve created ProForma, a simple tool that allows teams to create and deploy forms attached to Jira issues/request types. Forms remain the proven tool for collecting specific, valid and relevant information. Enabling your legal team to create and manage forms in Jira means they can collect exactly the information they need in order to set-up or amend a contract, negotiate new terms, or respond to an unanticipated legal risk such as a data breach.

Forms not only allow teams to control the information they collect. They allow them to do it without depending on you! There’s no need to create a spaghetti plate of custom fields or complex configurations. Individual business teams are empowered to collect the data they need.

ProForma’s form builder is straight-forward and easy to use. We’ve even given you a head start by creating a library of customizable, ready to use forms and templates, including a suite of templates designed for use by legal teams.