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Mobilize Marketing with Content Management in Jira

by Jenny Choban on March 19, 2018

Wanting to capitalize on Jira’s flexibility and demonstrate its potential for business team, Atlassian has created business templates for some common processes (including a content management template for marketing teams). The templates have several of the needed customizations (issue types, custom fields, workflows) built in. This is a great way for business teams to get started using Jira.




However, once they’ve had a taste of what can be done with Jira, teams may rightly want to convert their entire service catalogue. That could result in a lot of work creating new issue types, custom fields and workflows. And once those Jira assets have been created, they still have to be managed and maintained. A simple act of good will (and good business) like empowering your Marketing team to manage content in Jira, could snowball into an avalanche of work for the Jira administrator.

The Jira Core Content Management Template

The Content Management template looks like this.


Notice the specially created issue type and custom fields. This will help teams capture some of the information they need - the type of content and when it’s due, but what about other specifics? Is the content being created as part of a larger campaign? Is there specific text that needs to be included or a specific keyword you’re hoping to rank for? Is the content being created for social media? If so, which platforms?

ProForma - the Easy Alternative to Jira Customizations

Clearly, there is plethora of more detailed information that would be useful for your Marketing team to have. One way to give them that, without having to create more issue types and custom fields, is to use a form.

ProForma forms embed in Jira issues for easy visibility. You can include as many questions and as much instruction on a form as needed. Since fields on ProForma forms do not impact Jira’s performance or require special configurations, it’s perfectly safe to delegate form creation to a member of the business team who will be using the process.

The ProForma form builder that makes it easy for teams to collect the information they need for a given process. Knowing that teams are pressed for time, we’ve also created a library of forms and process templates that teams can use. These templates were created in consultation with industry experts and can be easily modified to accommodate teams’ needs. Thus, adding all the fields needed for a given process is as simple as clicking “Add form.”

Jira and ProForma for your Marketing Team

Looking at the options for content management in Jira, you have several choices:


Jira Core without ProForma

Jira Core with ProForma

Jira Service Desk with ProForma

Features and limitations

Custom issue type, workflow and fields (content type and publish date) included with Content Management Template.

Any addition information needs to be lumped in the description field.

Ability to add all of the fields you need;

No custom issue type or fields required;

Can use a form from the template library.

Ability to add all of the fields you need;

No custom issue type or fields required;

Can use a ProForma process template that includes the request type, portal form, workflow and secondary forms in one installation.

Of course, producing content isn’t the only thing your Marketing team does. They execute campaigns, provide communications support and manage events. ProForma includes templates to support them in all of those tasks. Check out our suite of process templates for Marketing teams and talk to your Marketing specialists about how they could manage their processes in Jira.