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Up Your Compliance with ProForma for JIRA Service Desk

by Jenny Choban on August 16, 2017

Rules are made to be broken. Or are they? The truth, whether or not we like to admit it, is that most rules were made for a good reason. They protect us from having our resources co-opted or misused. They ensure our safety and they are designed to promote a level playing field in which everyone can have the same opportunity to reach their potential. Those are all good things. So why do rules get such a bad rap? Probably because there are so many of them. Compliance becomes a beast that menaces teams across the organization.




Better Compliance with JIRA

Whether it’s your finance team trying to please auditors, your safety team trying to prevent disasters or your quality assurance team trying to protect your customers and your brand (and don’t even get me started on all of the regulations Human Resources has to deal with), everyone has a set of rules they need to comply with.  Not only do they need to follow the rules, they need to be able to show that they followed the rules. This is one reason business teams can benefit by converting their processes to a service desk. Many of the standard features of JIRA Service Desk can help teams ensure and demonstrate compliance:

  • End to end issue tracking makes sure that there is always a record of who did what, when.
  • Queues ensure that the highest priority items get attended to first
  • Approvals promote good governance and help keep everyone informed about what’s going on
  • SLAs make it easy to set and measure compliance with service standards

We follow rules because we’re afraid not to – the stick. However, systems like JIRA Service Desk also provide a carrot. Slick features empower you to provide better, faster service:

  • Metrics provide team leader with knowledge that lets them allocate resources to best meet the demand.
  • Queues make it easy to direct tasks to the team member best equipped to handle them.
  • Customers can check in on the status of their requests without interrupting your team with phone calls, text messages and emails.

Your processes become streamlined. Your customers get what they need. You know you’re in compliance with the rules.

Customize JIRA Service Desk for Every Team with ProForma Forms

The challenge is that every team needs to collect different information.  Finance doesn’t care about your operating system, but rather your expense code. HR needs to know your anticipated leave dates.  So how can you customize JSD so it fits for every team?

An easy way to do this is to empower teams to build and deploy forms right in JIRA.  Rather than hope that users remember to put all the needed information in the Description field, forms let any given team specify the information they need for a particular type of request. This can save hours of time, going back and forth via email (and searching in an inbox) to get the right information. Nor is there a big, up-front time investment by the JIRA administrator as there’s no need for custom fields or complex configurations.

Conversion to ProForma and JSD can happen faster than you think. We’ve created a library of ready to use, purpose-built forms and process for teams like FinanceRisk Management and HR.  Multiple forms can be attached to a JIRA issue and teams can easily customize the forms to meet their specific needs. It’s a fast and easy recipe for streamlining processes and ensuring compliance.