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How the LSU Foundation Said Goodbye to PDFs and Streamlined Processes with ProForma

by Jenny Choban on June 1, 2018
The LSU Foundation works to cultivate philanthropic partnerships in order to advance Louisiana State University’s academic priorities. They use Jira Service Desk to manage requests from their customers (and donors).


The Problem with PDFs

Different request types require different pieces of information. Trusting that customers will think to put all of the needed data in a description field was unreliable, so the Foundation developed a series of PDF forms which customers could fill out and then upload with their requests. 

Using a form is certainly an improvement over not using form. The PDFs prompt customers to include all of the needed information, and Jira Service Desk organized the requests into a queue and powered them through a workflow.  However, the solution wasn’t perfect. The information was attached to the issue, but not easily viewable on the issue.  Attachments are easy to forget and uploading/downloading them takes up time on both ends. Enter ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira.

How ProForma Improves Business Processes

The LSU Foundation team can now quickly view a multitude of fields without having to download, open and search through the PDF forms.  The data is visible on the issue, and organized the way the team wanted it.  ProForma features mean that the team can include all the instructions they want, add descriptions, hints or examples to any question, and even add images to forms.  In cases where the information will be queried or reported on, form field data can be piped to a Jira field. The team can also quickly aggregate form data by downloading a spreadsheet of form responses.

Using ProForma is also more convenient for the Foundation’s customers (and you really want to keep customers happy when you’re asking them to donate money!).  The Foundation publishes ProForma forms to the JSD customer portal, thereby allowing customers to enter all of the requisite information on a single screen – no attachments required.

Aron Fontenot, LSU Foundation System Administrator, commented that he is finding it much easier to use ProForma forms than to create a large number of custom fields for each request type.

Tips for Getting Started

The ProForma form builder is straight forward and intuitive to use. You can add sections, questions, or instructions with the simple click of a button.  You can expedite the process of creating forms and converting processes to Jira by using the ProForma template library. The library contains dozens of forms and process templates for teams across an organization. (Designed for Jira Service Desk, process templates include a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed secondary forms all in one install.) These templates were purpose-built in consultation with industry experts, and can be easily modified to meet your teams’ individual needs.


LSU Foundation is saying goodbye to PDF forms attached to Jira issues. Using ProForma  allows them to have all the fields they need on an issue, without attachments and without creating hordes of Jira custom fields. This saves time for customers, the Foundation’s service team, and their Jira Administrator.